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i hope you are out there. because i need you now.
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  Age: 40   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Kentucky United States
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  Short, Very Short
About Me

hi, i guess this is the part where i try and talk you into replying to my message or sending me one :). one think i do have to say i feel like im a realist. what that means to me is im not going to sugar coat everything, but im not mean about things either. im not a dreamer. i work thankfully i still have a job with the way everything is right now lol. you never know what is going to happen that may change. i dont have time to run around everyday. i like to rest for a while once i get off work. kinda let the day fade away. i like to talk. what i mean by that is more then what someone said or did. i mean ideals or thoughts that you have out through the day. the things you believe in the things you want and need. my goals and aspirations. hmmm finding someone that understands what love, trust, and respect is. yup the three hardest. lol. i have gave these more then once and more then once i have been beat down in exchange. just once would like to have it giving back. but on and on we go :). oh if there is some miss spelled stuff or its not perfect :) get over it. working is a must for me. no matter if its fast food to gas station. have to keep going. i know im not going to own the world not going to try just would like to find that simple yet happy life with my one. for the things i like. movies, music, my fav. color or food. these are things i like to learn as we go. its fun to ask some things. just because two people dont like the same music dose not mean they cant be together and if you think they cant then you dont have the mentality im looking for. this i can say before i run out of room. respect, trust, honesty, loyalty and understanding is what i have to offer. not money or an easy life. i hear how ladies want to meet a good guy and none are left. now that i have got started on this here are some of the things i dont do. go to bars, strip clubs, dance clubs, parties, hooters. all out of respect for myself and the one im with. no i dont bust any church doors down. one of them things to learn and talk about :). if you would like to know anything at all pls ask.

What I'm Looking For

someone who well take the time to understand me. someone i can share my life, thoughts, feelings, my everything with. someone that knows what they want. not what they might want. honesty loyalty love.

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