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One who follows God...
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  Age: 24   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Florida United States
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  Athletic, Average
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About Me

"My name is Kevin Greene. Just like you, I have a story to tell to the world. It's a love story more beautiful than any other. No, it's not about you and I. It's about Jesus Christ. The one man who didn't deserve death, but chose it anyway so that we may attain righteousness through him. Before you even continue reading, I'll tell you right now, if you're looking for sex, look elsewhere. Most girls say they're looking for someone 'different' well, congrats, you found him. Unlike other guys, I don't care for sex. I'm waiting til I'm married and that's final. I can resist temptation, so don't try and break me. I carry both mental discipline and self respect. Trust me. My first Gf broke up with me cause I wouldn't have sex with her, and she was the hottest girl at my high school. My virginity is a gift and I want to give it to my wife, because I'm absolutely in love with her, even if I haven't met her yet. Imagine that. A guy who's dedicated to someone he doesn't even know. Anyways, I don't believe Christianity is about following rules or a list of ''Dos'' and ''Don'ts''. It's a relationship with a God that loves us. I intend to spend my life worshiping him in different ways and one of those ways is through mission work. I'm going on a 6 month mission trip to either Nepal or Haiti this year, then I'm going to college to major in Missional Studies and minor in Music Performance. I want to be a full-time missionary for a few years after I get out of college. like, travel all throughout western Asia (namely Tibet where there's genocide) for about 5-10 years. then I'll come back and begin the rest of my life. I wana remain involved in the church. Beyond all that, I have another option. I'm a talented musician and I write my own songs all the time. I might make a worship band and we may or may not get big and go touring, but ultimately I'll have to play that by ear. I love music. It is the universal language and I CAN guarantee that no matter where I go in life, my guitar will be the pulse that keeps me going and God, the heart that makes the pulse. I am blessed with talent. I don't look for hook-ups. I look for a relationship. I don't mean that I want to get married after date one, but I wouldn't date someone with the intent of dumping them later. I want someone who puts God first and me second. I AM somewhat in a hurry to get married, I'd like to do so before I'm 25, so I only have 7 years to find someone. The reason for that is that I want to take my wife with me on my mission trip through asia for a few years. The reason I couldn't go and then come BACK and get married, is because I know that It'll be an experience like no other, and if I don't share it with the person I marry, I'll regret it for the rest of my life, cause I'll never be able to describe it for all it is. I don't play love games, so don't insult my honor by comparing me to guys that do. I don't lie, I don't cheat, and the only person more loyal than myself is Jesus Christ. My convictions are solid. The body is great, but the heart is greater. Most people post things like ''I am mature for my age''. I seek to destroy the heart of genocide, and I'm willing to live and die for the God who died for me. I realize that I am a very, very small person before God, but I am a man after God's own heart, and that's what counts. So, you tell me if I'm mature enough for you. lol. I feel the need to explain something to you. I've grown up where most people set their goals. In a house of money. My father is a millionaire and I've grown up in million dollar homes. here's the deal, Even if you don't believe in God, if you believe in money, you are as lost as you can be. There is no salvation in money. There is no love in money. My father can buy whatever he likes, but he is a sad and pathetic shell of a man. Controlled entirely by both pride and fear of judgment by his peers, he is compelled to buy things to impress others. He is a victim of his own life and does not realize it. I love my father, and I talk to him all the time and what not, but I've moved out. I live a humble life in humble little house washing dishes to pay my own bills. money is only good if you need food. having too much is not a good thing. If money is important to you, then let me know. I need to pray for you...

Now know this, reader...

Whoever you are...

However you are...

Whatever you are like...

I love you as my heavenly father does.

I don't care what your past is if you've come before God and have been forgiven.

Even if I am not IN love with you, I still love you for who God has MADE you to be.

Anyways, She has to have stunning eyes and a jubilant laugh. I like sarcasm so It'd be cool to date someone sarcastic. I like people who are outgoing, but not quite ''in your face'' about it. I want someone who can appreciate the small things for what they are. Someone who, like me, is made happy even by staring at how beautiful a tree is or how clear the sky is. Being a musician is DEFINITELY a plus. Music is a large part of my life and I love collaborating with other musicians. I like piercings a lot too. She doesn't have to have piercings, but I like them anyways. I DO have a nose ring. not a septum ring, a nostril ring. I also like small, meaningful tattoos. I want someone who can think before they act. Who's not impulsive. Even if YOU, reader, are not the one for me, I think it's important that everyone knows there are good days and bad days. ups and downs. I just want her to remember, in case I AM ever having a down, that God can help me and that even though emotional winters seem cold, the spring WILL come. :) That being said, I'm not bipolar or anything like that. I'm usually very up-beat, but, like everyone else, I've had hard times in my life when smiling seemed like a chore. I don't mind a flirt, but, like I said, I don't wana have sex until I'm married. I'm fun-loving (which cracks me up, cause I don't get why someone would not be fun-loving... ''I love feeling malcontent and frustrated''? lol XD ). I like outdoor activities like canoeing and such, but I also enjoy cuddling and watching movies on rainy days. Hmm... what else... I love kids and I'm very excited to be a father someday. =]"

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What I'm Looking For

ultimately, someone to marry. Not like right now, but I don't care for hook ups or any of that crap. I want someone who loves God first and me second. preferably a musician as well. just read the above. take in mind, you don't have to be perfect to message me. NO ONE IS PERFECT. I don't bite. =P

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