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I will like to meet someone special to be with.
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  Age: 53   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Alabama United States
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I like people for who and what they are and mainly for their faults. It is the imperfections that we all have that make our lives worth living. I like to strive to improve myself in some small way every day whether that means taking a class at the local school, buying and actually reading a book (sounds quaint I know), listening to music or more imoprtantly to others. It is amazing what you will learn from people if you just pay attentention just long enough to listen. I love my job so it isn't work to me. I like to help others achieve their dreams and to better themselves. I choose to believe in the better nature of other people and although I am often disappointed I believe that if I hold others to a higher standard then they will hold themselves to a higher standard also. I am not, by any realm of the imagination, perfect or come close to the standards that I set for myself but if my goals are easy to reach then I set them too low to begin with. I need more compassion for others, I need to let my past mistakes go, I need to open up more and tell people that I care about that I do care and not just assume that they know, I also need to be less tolerant of people who disappoint me in the character department. I believe in the motto that the true character of a man is the things that he does and the temptations that he ignores when he is alone. PS. My commitment to myself for the next few months is to try to live in the moment instead of spending time regretting the paths not taken or the trials yet to be discovered.

What I'm Looking For

Someone who is likes to think for themselves, has a warped sense of humor, and lives in the moment without reservations or regrets.


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