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I would love to meet someone new!
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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Plymouth Idaho United States
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  A few extra pounds
  In Need of Attention, Casual
  Yes - living with me
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About Me

I'm Kelcie, I'll be 24 within a month. I have a four year old son, Gabriel, who means the world to me :)
I love to spend time with friends (which I have very few of) or people I meet who want to hang out and stuff. It's nice hearing a new perspective in conversation.
I love a stimulating conversation because holding a conversation says a lot about who a person is and I love it when people share their emotions and aren't afraid of what I'll think, say or do.
I'd like to meet friends as much as I'd like to meet a partner. Yes, I'm bi, but it takes a special girl to send me to that side, so I'm mostly straight and by special girl I mean someone who wants a meaningful committed relationship just as I would expect from a man.
I LOVE to write, I have enough poetry to fill a book.
I would like to publish my own book, but finding a publisher is hard considering the self publishing is out of my reach financially, I make a steady amount of cash but it isn't even enough for me to have my own place with my son.
I hope to get married in the next five years.
I like a guy who looks at me and cares about me and wants to know me, he has to be inquisitve, I love it when people ask me about myself.
Let me see... I play guitar, self taught and not well if you ask me. It would be cool to meet a musician or someone who plays guitar who can teach me :) I love music, sounds of different instruments, meaning I don't care if the musician I meet plays something other than the guitar, I LOVE classical sounds.
I want someone who is as interested in getting to know me as I am them. New and exciting pursuits.
I'm shy at first but after a little while you won't be able to shut me up :-) I hope I can find a good guy/girl on here!!!

What I'm Looking For

Someone ready for commitment. I have a child and he needs stability so someone I'm dating will not meet my son until we've been together a few weeks. Understandable I hope. If not, get used to it, I'm not exposing my son to strange men all the time.
I want a guy to ask me questions and pay for dinner someplace that isn't a chain restaurant or fast food, although I like both, I would LOVE to try a nice local restaurant with real chefs and stuff. I don't mean to sound demanding, it doesn't matter THAT much, but it would just be lovely.
I like a guy to open doors for me and foot the bill, I think this whole splitting the tab thing isn't right. I'm very traditional in a lot of ways although I'm mostly unconventional. I'm an interesting, strange and caring person and I'm highly sensitive.


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