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Just Wanting Something Real For Once....
Online: 2706 days ago   Updated: 2706 days ago   Joined: 2706 days ago
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  Age: 26   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Maryland United States
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About Me

Well To Start This Off Im Kelsey. If Your Looking For A Girl That Wears Heels And Skirts And Goes Shopping All The Time And Say Omg Every Other Word Im Not The Girl For You. I Like To Go To The Track Not To Guy Watch But To Watch The Cars Race. I Love Four Wheelers. And I Love To Go Mudding. I Just Recently Picked Up An Interset In Cars And I Want To Learn How To Fix Them. I Drive A 2010 Lancer And Thats My Baby. And Yes I Pay For It Myself My Mom And Dad Didnt Get It For Me. Im Planning On Going To School. Theres Just Been Some Things That Had To Be Handled First Before I Can Go. My Family Is A Huge Part Of My Life And I Dont See That Changing Anytime Soon. Id Do Anything For Them Day Or Night. And The Same Goes For My Friends Even Though I Consider Them Pretty Much Family Also. I Work My Butt Off My Job Isnt The Ideal Job For Me But Its Paying My Bills And Allowing To Take Care Of Myself So Thats All That Matters. I Really Pride Myself On Being Independent. My Music Taste Well Thats An Interseting One I Listen To Alot Of Didnt Things It Really Depends On My Mood That Day. I Have Currently 4 Tattoos Which I Love And I Want More I Dont Want To Be Covered Head To Toe And The Ones I Have Now Are Kinda On The Small Side But I Love Them Non The Less. If You Want To Know More Message Me. But If Your Just Gonna Send Hey Or Hi Or How Are You Dont Bother. Ask Me Somethin Or Start A Conversation About Something.
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What I'm Looking For

I Want A Guy That Can Take Care Of Himself That Has A Sense Of Humor And Can Just Be Himself Around Me. I Have Went Through Any Bad Relationship A Person Could Think Of And Im Over It. I Just Want To Be Able To Sit Back And Relax With Him And Not Feel Like I Have To Be On Pins And Needles.

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