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  Age: 54   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Jersey United States
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I enjoy most music - just not loud kind where you can't understand the words - acid rock is it and Rap - no thanks -
Now that the holiday season I listen to all the holiday music - I was listening to a very old Boston Pops Christmas CD - The violin section in Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer gives me goose bumps or the willies is it for some? How do they do that? My parents thought the Oboe was the instrument for me, but at 9 I wasn't interested - I do pride myself in identifying it's sound in an orchestra but decided I was better at singing and joined the chorus. I grew up in a musical household so if you're toned deaf, you probably won't fit in my way...I love Christmas, cutting down and decorating a christmas tree or are you the humbug?? I like decorating for the holiday.. that smell of pine in the house.

I believe less is more in most that I do - subtle elegance. I prefer candles to anything requiring a bulb - If I can't dim it, it stays off.

I'm not a live on the edge girl - no bungy jumping, sky-diving or riding motorclycles for me. My twin brother has a motorcycle but I just don't prefer that mode of transportation. I used to be an avid skiier, negotiating volkswagon moguls, but now I'm not sure I enjoy being out in the cold-or the demand on the knees. I would gladly race you down the mountain though. I think the best part of skiing is taking off those boots and heading into the lodge -
I can do the cold sport - as long as there is a fire and warmth in my future with a snuggle and a slow warm, not too wet kiss attached!

I enjoy quiet weekend getaway adventures to a cozy mountain lodge or an Inn on Nantucket or outer Cape Cod after the Summer season. I used to work on the ferry boats to the islands and lunch on Nantucket was FUN.

I'm not fond of the bar/nightclub scene - been there, done that - plus I'm most likely heading to my crib just when that scene is coming alive. I do love music, the music that starts your feet tapping - here comes the spontaneous dancing!

I do love to watch a good thunderstorm or light a fire and hunker in for a big Snow Storm. Mother Nature can be impressive! Weather Channel is my home page!

I enjoy working around my house, there's always something to do, plus it's a sanctuary to me. Quiet, scenic with no neighbors. Summer evenings outdoors with good friends, a great bottle of white wine and a great bottle of red come Fall.

What I'm Looking For

Looking for someone who is consistently funny - make me laugh out loud, a sense of humor about yourself and life, a spontaneous dancer, kindness, conversation, romantic at heart, gourmet foodie with an easy laughter to talk and share my day with.

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