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I'll be your sunny day, you be my shady tree...
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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Wisconsin United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
  None but want some soon
  Occaisional smoker
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  Shoulder Length
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About Me

If I had to sum myself up in one word it would be 'snarky'. I love getting the last laugh, and being sassy. I love jokes, and I have a great sense of humor. I will admit, I even love when people fall down, or drop stuff (even when I'm that person). I'm comfortable in my own skin, and I don't care how people judge me. The cover of a book may not look the best on the shelf, but you could be missing the best story. I don't consider myself a high maintenance girl. I do like to get dressed up and go out every once in a while, but I'm perfectly content rockin' sweatpants and sitting on the couch watching movies. I love being outside all year round. I like to play soccer, go disc golfing, fishing, swimming, ice fishing, sledding, all that fun stuff. I love watching sports. I Love me some Packer football, and I fully support the Brew Crew. I can't play an instrument, and I wouldn't try to make a career singing, but music is my love. Life without music would be a mistake. My favorite band of all time is Led Zeppelin but I totally love country music too. Family is very important to me. If you don't have family, what do you have? My friends are also my family, and quite possibly my favorite part of family seeing as I got to choose them. =) I love kids, kids love me. I'm a sucker for a classic disney movie and a coloring book.
What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone who respects me and treats me like a girl, but doesn't wait on me hand and foot. I'm a big girl, and 9 times out of 10 I've put my big girl pants on for the day. I like a guy who will fight with me over stupid trivia facts, or have the patience to teach me how to play his favorite video game, even if I kill his score. I'm willing to try anything once. I don't like clingy or neediness, so I try not to be. I don't need to spend every waking moment with someone or know where they are at all times. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. I would never abandon my friends for a man, so I don't expect anyone else to do that for me.

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