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look over here semi normal guy!!!!
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  Age: 44   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: miramar Florida United States
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So I have now had the joy of dealing with dating sites and have come to the conclusion that everyone is honest, friendly, only posts recent pictures, Never lie about ages and have a very small check list of the mate they want.If you’re agreeing with any of this hit the next button LOL…

Ok not to sound negative, which I am not, sarcastic on the other hand is a different story. I do feel like dating sites have become like a Jeff Foxworthy joke….You might not be getting a date if the only picture you can take is you holding a camera in front of a mirror, I mean come on, you don’t know one person to hold the camera or wait, cameras now have timers…

You might have guys giving you a funny look when your glamour shots from the mall, look nothing like you. Very simple don’t photo shop your self to be playboy when you are not. I will notice the teeth missing and the extra 30 pounds...

You might have guys worried when the first thing you ask them is do they want kids. Ladies come on can we at least figure out if we even like each other first…

Ladies honestly most of you all write the same stuff, things like just browsing, I need friends, Im too cool to answer anyone, My friends made me do it. It’s very simple Look at my profile then email me. I try to respond to everyone and at least say hello. Once I have emailed you back you do not need to wait 4 weeks to respond, It is ok to respond that day…

What I like are girls who are athletic and girls that are open minded to try new things. Also my 5 best friends are girls so if that is an issue sorry, it just is not going to work.

Listen chill out there’s someone for everyone out there. Just open your eyes and take a chance go for coffee or a drink its only one night and hey at least you get a free drink lol.

What I'm Looking For

I would like to find a girl who is looking for a new life and sick of the same old same old. I feel most girls are constantly date the same guys that always screw them over take a chance and try something new you might be surprised

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