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I don't wanna write in a box.....
Online: 2693 days ago   Updated: 2693 days ago   Joined: 2693 days ago
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  Age: 42   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Tennessee United States
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This user hasnt filled in any details
About Me

I'm just writing something so that this stupid counter will get down to zero! Am I there yet? NOOOOOOOO! Okay, maybe I can make up more random stuff--DONE! I'm a person, who breathes air. Ummm, I also eat and sleep daily, so there's an interesting fact. Oh, I also can't stand people telling me what to do. Is that obvious? I really hate that every time I hit submit, it tells me that I haven't written details up to the standards of the dear computer proofreader.
What I'm Looking For

Another box--great! Just what I wanted to see. Does it really matter that much? I think not. So, again, here I am typing, typing, typing, typing, typing. Oops, apparently I use too many characters in my writing, so I have to write more now. Oh boy!

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