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Kissed Lots Of Frogs, But Still Looking For Prince
Online: 340 days ago   Updated: 340 days ago   Joined: 340 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 24   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Dallas Texas United States
The Details
  None but want some soon
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About Me

I am bi, but I prefer gay men. I'm not into matures. The oldest I'm into is about 35. I am single, and am on all kinds of dating apps looking for the right guy. If there is any SINGLE guys out there Non-Smokers that don't do drugs that live in or close to Dallas I would love to meet you. If you are interested, please message me, and I will give you my email upon request. I can't stand ANY form of BDSM, because I am not into making an experience painful that's supposed to be pleasurable. However, playful biting As long as it is gentle, sensual, and NOT painful is actually a turn-on. My phone isn't working right now, and I'm not sure how to use the camera on my stone-age laptop, so, I will post the picture that is from my Facebook profile until I am able to get a new battery for my phone. A word to the wise: If you get a virus on your phone, find a way to remove it other than apps on Google play. They don't work.) I'm not into chubby guys (No offense to those who are. I have good friends who are chunky), because chubbiness just isn't attractive in a partner, at least not to me. I am not into being with African-Americans, either. I am far from racist (once again, I have black friends), but it's just a turn-off during intimacy. Interested? Shoot me a message. Hope to hear from you soon!
What I'm Looking For

He must be kind, caring, and unconditionally loving. I didn't have the best life growing up, so he needs to accept that, yes I had a bad raising, but that's in the past and I have moved on. (If you really must know about it, email me. I'm open to pretty much any questions. If it's too much to talk about on the first chat, I will let you know.) He must have a sensitive side, because too much pride is kind of a turn-off. I'm not into arrogance. He must NOT smoke, nor do street drugs. Poppers are fine, as long as I trust the person enough. He can drink, as long as he is not constantly drunk. (Please note that I'm fine with you drinking beer, but PLEASE don't kiss me until your mouth no longer tastes like it. The taste of beer makes me sick.) He must be able to control his anger. I have been in an abusive relationship before and do NOT wish to repeat the experience. He MUST be clean and disease-free. I prefer him to be cut, but uncut's not a deal-breaker. He must be good with hygiene, because body odor is a HUGE turn-off, and a complete deal-breaker. He must smell good. I like both men's and women's scents. I prefer to wear more feminine scents, but both are a turn-on on other guys. I do NOT want a man who is chubby. No offense at all to them (I have good friends that are chubby), but it's just a turn-off in a partner. I prefer men between ages 18-35, because I want a man who is closer to my age than my dad's. As long as you're under 40, though, I can deal. I do not want a man who is bald, because I like to run my fingers through my man's hair during intimacy. If it's buzzed, that's ok because I don't mind running my hands over buzzed hair. It actually feels kind of good. Other than what I've mentioned, I'm cool with whatever. Let's just go with the flow and see where life takes us.

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