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Looking for Someone REAL and Spontaneous...
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  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
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About Me

I am a mature 22 year old female .. I don't live a vanilla life... I am an adult film star .. I live here in Jacksonville FL but travel to la Cali for my work when i travel I am gone 2-3 weeks at a time but make good money....No I am not rich hell I have too many expenses for that. When I am home I don't go out partying I stay home the club scene is not for me.. I had my first child June 22,2010 and my second child September 7th 2011... both are boys. I understand this profile may confuse a lot of you if so feel free to leave me a message and ask anything.I was born and raised in the country but am now a city girl . I don't judge a book by its cover but what is in the script.And even then I don't judge.
What I'm Looking For

now this is what i am looking for and if you can't do this don't bother to im me or message me.I am not interested in trading nudes but I am Jessica aka Judy Marie the PORN STAR. I live in Jacksonville Florida and am seeking a wife The reason i am looking is because my husband is half black and half Cherokee on the Cherokee reservation he is by law able to have more than one wife he does not want this and I am so bisexual he has passed down this right to me.so honestly i am in search of a wife for me not for my husband.My husband is also dieing, he has a peptic ulcer, bad heart (needs a pace maker), bad nerves, a cist on his right kidney and at the age of 50 in feb docs say his liver works that of an 80 yo mans liver. He doesn't live life like he is dieing though its just like cancer he has his good days and his bad ones. I am hoping to find a wife figure before he dies as He is the one that has taught me everything and these are his children I want my wife to know the only man i will ever love. I have asked him for help in this search. Once he is diseased I will not look for another man to replace him. As far as my career in porn i get asked alot about weather I will be doing this my whole life..the answer is no if things work out right i should be retired by the time i am 24-25 and the money I make will be some in investments and i will be going to college for my business and photography degree to open my own company up.You must be great with kids as I had children because I wanted children and I love them more than anyone or anything combined.They are my world I would do anything for them and i expect my wife to have the same head set. Dec 2011 or in Jan 2012 My husbands daughter who turned 16 2011 will be living with us as well.

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