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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Asian   Location: Blue Ash Ohio United States
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About Me

Hi, I'm a bit on the reserved side but that doesn't mean I'm not on top of things. Sometimes I just lay back to find out what reaction I get from you or to absorb and thing about things. So you're probably wondering more about me. I'm into film and art and creative stuff like painting and theater. I love that stuff ever since took orchestra and felt the sweaty anticipation of being on stage to perform. One day it would be great to be on stage for something else. I have goals to do more work with art and film.
One of my goals is also to learn a new instrument like guitar but I need to do more research with the type of guitar to invest in. I don't want to just plunk down cash on a second rate fiddle.
Also I'm interested in foreign languages and wanted to learn Spanish and Italian at one point. And I'm really, really into Sign Language so if you want to give me lessons that would rock. :)
Speaking of rock, that's kind of a good description of me. I'm pretty steady and stable. I have a good job doing work with accounting and law. I am also a pretty rock solid personality and you don't see me going around starting up drama or problems.
And lastly I'm totally into rock music, as well, as alternative and indie and also techno. There's nothing that conveys the whole range of human emotions quite like a guitar and a tune. That's why it's my favorite and I could listen to Lifehouse or some good guitar power ballads.
When I'm not listening to music sometimes I will watch few different movies, but I usually don't like spending a whole two hours unless I think it's a really good movie or unless I'm with friends.
I sometimes cook and do stirfry and bake awesome dishes for fun. Going to the grocer's pacing aisle to aisle trying to find cool new ingredients to add to my creations is also fun as much as it is eating them!
When I'm eating sometimes I'll read or watch TV. And I like my peace and quiet cause I come from a big family of siblings. I like to eat quickly and get back to my work.
I also am interested in computers, running, working out and just hanging out talking to people (or more like listening).

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for my angel, my lover, my caretaker when I'm sick, my best friend when I'm lonely. I'm looking for my better half that will make me work harder than I thought I could, that will give me strength and energy to reach higher and give me confidence in myself. I want someone that will make me believe in a higher purpose and goodness in humanity. I want someone that is better or equal to me but will make me think she's better and also be my partner. I want someone that is the girl next door and who's bubbly and who I can't stop thinking about and live without. Who has me on her mind every wakng second, but I can lie there and we could lie there talking or whispering things to each other to sleep. I want someone that has passion for life that will spill over from work, to their passions and pursuits and into our life together. I want someone that will work hard enough and fight hard enough for the dream that we could live together and one day be married in union. I want someone that will give not 50% but 110% because I know she knows I will give the same and 200% when she's sick or ill. I want someone that loves me for me, but isn't afraid to tell me I'm wrong. I want someone that is innocent and sweet. Someone that hopefully has never been married before. Someone that wants to experience firsts with a good man. Someone that believes good things can happen if only you wait for them. And someone I can put my full faith and trust in

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