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love is life and life is love
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  Age: 56   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: New York United States
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About Me

I'm pretty tall, 6 4', I. I'm good a fixing things, I try to stay in shape, I like sitcoms, and funny movies, but also watch documentaries on science , medicine, history and other things most people think are boring. I'm a fun guy, with dry, edgy sense of humor ( if you like the Office, and or, the Big Bang Theory ), you get my sense of humor ), am financially stable, and pretty direct, most actually say I look better in person than in these pictures. Ladies, I don't read minds very well, so say what you want. I'm big fan of music and the outdoor ( hiking, hanging at my pool, working outside ). I like to travel and do new things, sometimes play my guitar to loud, and I like to watch and play sports ( tennis anyone ? , will play golf, too ). I like kids, never had that "boy", so can I borrow yours and play baseball or go fishing if you have one ? I'm only politically correct at work ( I work in medical sales ), don't really mind if I stand out in a crowd, if I think I'm right. I'm resourceful, when I fall down, I get up, dust myself off, and try harder the next time. I don't believe in luck that much, I try to make my own. I am getting pretty close to being able to petition for divorce, and I am looking for a special someone for serious relationship. I feel I have a lot to give and offer the right person, and I'm excited about what my future might hold in that regard.
What I'm Looking For

I like well moulded women, and appreciate women with different beliefs and customs, too. I like someone who can dress really sexy sometimes and but I'm good with jeans and a tee-shirt, too. Physically attraction is important, but so is beauty on the inside. I'm really fairly adaptive to many different kinds of people, I think there has to be some core values, but we don't have to be the same, and sometimes variety is the spice of life. I like a little attitude and sarcasm ( I said a little ). I also like to see you in person, and do things with you, texting is great, but I'm old school, not looking for just a pen pal. I want a women who could travel the world, but knows home is where the heart is, that a fire with a good bottle of wine with a special someone, on a cool autumn night, is as good as it gets. I want someone who is affectionate, appreciates the small things, wants to be in love, thinks their relationship is important, and is excited about what the future holds. Education is something I value, and also someone with class.

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