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wants to meet a cool chick
Online: 2422 days ago   Updated: 2422 days ago   Joined: 2422 days ago
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Oklahoma United States
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  Very Short
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About Me

i love going to see live music, going out to nice places to eat now and then. road trips! any new adventure. I do like to paint but im not good at it really i just like to do it but just moving to tulsa i have nothing set up yet.
What I'm Looking For

Well a lot of people should change my profile and they were right. My name is josh and im a great guy. I have value even though i guess everyone says they do. I can prove it. You know it took mea long time to say that but its true. Any woman reading this that gets my eye is a lucky woman. Shes lucky to have me if she gets me because even though i have tons of flaws under it all im a really great guy. My sister says my problem has been that im to easy going, to nice. most girls will be turned off by it and some will take advantage of it but im not looking for most or some. Just looking for one girl that i can be myself around. I am romantic i like to plan things and i think flowers are cool but you know you really got to know when to give them because if she doesnt blush you failed. You can do this even to girl who thinks she doesnt care about flowers because its not the flowers at all. Its the action. I love to go out and do things. Just about anything really. I do drink with friends socially and most all of my friends i have had for fifteen or more years which in my book says a lot about a person. Im looking for that person i have felt inside my whole life i think sometimes i want to give up but then when i think about the fact that im real and im here than so is she and shes great and i dont think its a fantasy. Its real because im real and there is no way i'm here to face this life alone. Im not sure what she looks like and i kinda think people that list how tall a man should be or how a girls abs should look really have any idea what a relationship is really about. theres so many kinds of attraction. Its a shame i was cursed with good looks. (hah!) Anyway i guess i'll know her when i meet her but you know if your not sure about relationships or whatever its not like i wont talk to you but really in the end thats what i have always wanted and i want to have a family one day with that person. Whenever it happens it happens.

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