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Tired of games, lies, and fakes. "real women" only
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Lehi Utah United States
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About Me

Open, honest, Funny and happy guy, that's me. Honesty is both a gift and a curse, but, it's the best policy, right? I think so. I'm so honest sometimes it hurts, but, if it needs to be said and I'm not shy about saying it. I am an 8 year veteran of the US Army and I work hard and play harder. just need someone to share it with. so, where the hell are you?! I like being outside. Love the mountains, like going to the gym 2-3 times a week. I'm a great listener and 75% of my friends are female (you have to be okay with that) I love being daddy to my 2 little girls (also, something you have to be okay with) I've been told that I'm a "great guy" and a "real man" a woman called me "stud" today, whatever that entales... yet somehow, I've always ended up with women who lie, don't respect me, and mistreat me. Looking for the opposite. once again, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!
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What I'm Looking For

Someone who is fun, likes to laugh, enjoys being around me. an open book that I don't have to read into or translate. Someone outgoing and very personable, that views intimacy as the glue that binds us and without it we're just really good roommates. (I'm very intimate) Not a liar, Doesn't play games, and gets right to the point communicating with me on whatever the problem is that she feels is important. If it's important to her, it should be important to me and vice versa. but, I shouldn't be forced to "figure it out", she should just tell me. Someone with some intellect, I need intelligent adult coversation mixed with valid points, sarcasm, and inuendo. I love a smart girl.(I love a smart ass too, I am a smart ass most of the time.) she also needs to take care of herself. Good hygeine and decent eating habits. body type is almost immaterial but, Average is what I'm looking for. She doesn't have to be a gym rat, but, not a Food junkie either. Someone who needs to be touched, kissed, and "loved on". I'm very physical.

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