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You're beautiful and I'll make sure you know that.
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  Age: 45   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Sandoval Illinois United States
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About Me

Honesty. That's my number one goal. That's what I strive for all the time. I hate games and I won't play them. I am just myself and that's all I can be.

I am single, but going through a divorce. What this means precisely is that the process has not been completed but that there is no possibility for reconciliation. I never cheated and I wouldn't even do this unless I was 100% sure it was over.

I love the arts, especially music. I am a musician who specializes in bass. I've been playing all my life and enjoy all styles. I read, write, and arrange as well. I play in a band.

I am into cars and engines - pretty much anything mechanical. But I love the unusual. I'd rather own a '67 Corvair than a '57 Bel Air - although I wouldn't turn down either!

I'm quirky and full of trivia or *useless information* as some would like to call it. I have a strange sense of humor (Q: How many surrealist painters does it take to change a light bulb? A: A fish) and will laugh accordingly. I LIKE being called a nerd. It suits me.

I do computer repairs and own my own small business. It gives me plenty of freedom and I can help people while doing what I enjoy to do. I also record on my computer. Basically, I view the computer as the perfect tool. It is versatile and only limited to its physical, processing, and programmatic capabilities.

I am a hopeless romantic. That doesn't mean I don't need more practice. It simply means that I like The Notebook just as much as I like The World's Fastest Indian. And with such, I like giving gifts and being a gentleman whenever I can.

I try to be open as much as possible and I like to communicate. So if you want to know something, just ask.

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What I'm Looking For

DG = Dream Girl
RG = Real Girl
A dream girl is what I dream about.
A real girl is what I desire.
If they are one in the same, even better!

Age and race don't matter much to me. If you like each other, you like each other. I'll consider anyone from 18 to about 50. The color of your skin can only make you more beautiful.

****(personality aspects)****

1) DG and WICW: NOT a worrier.

2) DG and WICW: Smiles a lot and has fun. Jokes but knows when to be serious.

3) DG: Plays music
RG: Doesn't

4) DG: Loves cars
RG: Likes some cars

5) DG: Has a crazy sense of humor.
RG: Has a sense of humor

6) DG and RG: Digs me for me.

****(physical aspects)****

1) DG: Sexy like Mila Jovovich, Zooey Deschanel, or Anne Hathaway.
RG: Sexy like the *plain* girl next door or the classy older lady.

2) DG: Tattoos. Feminine and lots of them. I'm a sucker for good tattoos.
RG: No tattoos at all.

3) DG: Glasses. Yep. I like nerds.
RG: No glasses. Hey, if you're pretty, your pretty.

4) DG: Likes other girls as well. Hey, what guy wouldn't like someone who he could talk to about pretty girls?
RG: Likes just me.

5) DG: Small build, small breasts, but curvy in the waist, hips, and butt.
RG: Just looks nice. It doesn't matter, if I think you look good, I think you look good and I am not that picky. How can I be? I like all kinds.

6) DG: Dark hair
RG: Any hair color

None of these are *deal breakers*. As I said before, this is just a list, nothing more. It doesn't mean I ONLY want girls that fit all of these categories.


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