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Here for something great an wonderful
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  Age: 66   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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About Me

I lean a little a little left of center, but not much. I love one-on-one activities, more than social gatherings. I enjoy day trips, and anything that tends to increase my knowledge base and education. I am not religious. I never try to change anyone...I accept them or not, as they are. I enjoy museums, travel, dinning out, and above all, good conversation. I can be very romantic. I love old movies, and get them by the thousands on Netflix. I can, and do cook a fairly decent meal when I entertain. I am into motorcycles, but have no problem if you are not. I enjoy reading, especially history and biographies. I am exactly the right weight for a woman who is 5 foot 1 inches to 6 foot 4 inches, but unfortunately, I am 6 foot 0 inches. I am not trying to get taller. I volunteer a lot, and do a lot of pool exercises. . I would like to meet someone special. Personality means more to me that physical appearance. I am hopeful of finding a serious and monogamous relationship.

What I'm Looking For

Looking for a mature lady thats easy going, level headed and not in a rush. Life is short enough lets enjoy what time we have.. I still have alot of things to do and want to take my time doing them.... So if you may be interested, let me know... It could start with a Hi, how ya doing ??

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