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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Georgia United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut, Average
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  Thin, Athletic
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  Green, Hazel
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About Me

I'm a laid back guy who enjoys reading(philosophy and fiction), writing, music(writing and listening), and doing laid back things like reading, writing, and listening/playing music. I am somewhat random and have been told I am weird. I think Immanuel Kant was a genius but I really wish these geniuses would be "genius" enough to write a ****ing book that ****ing normal people could ****ing understand. Same with Hegel. I would hit Hegel in the mo****F***ing face with his thesis so hard that the ****ing antithesis wouldn't know how to ****ing resist unto actualization on that sh**. Balls deep. OH WAIT...KIERKEGAARD. OH KIERKEGAARD. MR "I WANT TO EDIFY THE BRETHREN." Tell me how edifying it is when people try to read about "the self" and you speak WHAT APPEARS to be an abstruse/obscure VERSION OF OLD ENGLISH. WE ARE AMERICANS KIERKEGAARD. YOU'RE DEAD TO ME.

I am looking for a girl that isn't so serious that she doesn't like the ridiculous things I say but is serious enough that she likes the things I do for her.

So basically you aren't going to know me unless you talk to me because this whole "about me" thing is about as important to me as the lies most women tell in them to get their "ideal guy". The only problem is it is PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that they are LYING to get attention and when you learn that EACH OTHER ARE NOT LIKE THIS ****ING PROFILE DESCRIPTION you are SADLY disappointed because the "girl of your dreams" doesn't ACTUALLY like drinking bears and going cow tipping down on the back roads with a truck(four wheel drive).

Then again, I drive a honda civic so what do I know.

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What I'm Looking For

A girl. I will know when I find her, so there is no use in setting limitations upon the unknown girl of future. If I were to say that I was looking for a girl with a viper tattoo on her face I may meet a girl that I totally want to spoon that has no viper tattoo on her face who is subsequently turned away from me because she thinks I won't be interested in her because she is lacking what I said I was looking for, namely a viper tattoo. I'm a guy, it's not that ****ING hard to please me.

If she is into cannibalism that is a plus though. I've never met a girl who wanted to eat me but that would be something new for sure.


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