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Looking for someone Real.
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The Basics
  Age: 35   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: North Branch Michigan United States
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  Yes - living with me
  Occaisional smoker
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  Very Short
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About Me

"Pictures are limited for me. I don't tend to sit around taking pictures of myself. So the ones I have here just happen to be mainly the party side of me I guess. No I'm not the person that only parties. Thats cause I think life is one big party lol. No really I'm not out screwing around all the time."

Well I'm new to the area. I just got out of the Army again. I was recalled a little more then a year ago. Now that is over. I'm still going through a divorce. The relationship has been over for sometime now but its now going through that process. (The Courts wouldnt process anything with me being overseas) I'm a pretty open person. I let out what I think most of the time. I'm calm and collective but full of energy and many other things. I've been told I'm a cool crazy fun person. But also calm easy to talk to laid back. How I work the two I have no clue. I guess its because I do know how to have fun but I know when to be an adult. I have three kids. Two are from my soon to be past marriage. My oldest is from a long story. But they are great. They make my life wonderful. As most parents say They are my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I like kids. I'm not looking to have any more of my own tho. I'm a musician and love to make noise. Well I call it noise. All types of music not just one or the other. I enjoy the outdoors. Not as much in the winter time as I did when I was younger but snow can be fun to. This profile will change more in time as I think of more to write. Something to add really quick. The personality part of this site I think might be close but I think its a bit off. I really don't think I'm sex driven like it say. I'M NOT HERE LOOKING FOR ASS!!!!

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What I'm Looking For

You will need to fill this in before you can start messaging other "I really like tattoo's, or skin I guess you could say. I like women with either a lot of killer tatt's or a few tasteful one's. (Not crap, There are a few that it happens too but not one after another thats just dumb.) If none of them then just nice skin with out tattoos. of course I prefer someone who take care of her self. Don't need to be all girly or can be, I'll know just as you will, if it may work."
If your willing to know more then say something. I have look on the site a few times and thought about messaging people. But I'm human sometimes a person can put them selfs out there and other times you rather not risk it. I can say anyone who does hit me up I will respond to. I'm not a complete ass hole. I'm here to see if I can meet someone (for a relationship) but also to make a friend or friends. First off I think you need to be a friend in order to have anything else. So with some of that said I want a friend not desperate just want some one to enjoy life with, a person who speaks her mind but listens to. Smart and interesting. Who won't take shit and will put me in check if need be. (Nicely I hope) No I don't need someone to be my mother just someone who cares and is supportive in the things I do, Because I am and will be supportive for them. She also has to say it how she see's it but willing to give it a try. Random random random yes I write very randomly I believe. If you don't mind kids then you will be fine. O and if your racist then don't bother cause I won't put up with it. My two youngest aren't white there Asian. So if there is a issue there keep moving. Really get the hell out of here. I'm a nice guy tho.


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