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i am a honest woman i am loving woman
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  Age: 42   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New York United States
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About Me

About me... I try to stay optimistic and count my blessings. I love being outdoors and playing with my pet. I do a lot of hiking. I also like chilling out on the couch on a rainy afternoon and watching a classic movie or bad TV. Love going out to dinner with friends or someone special. I can be wild and crazy, but know when to keep it in check. I love to make my friends laugh. I am an awesome girlfriend, easy to get along with, not high maintenance, supportive of my man and his goals and dreams, while still maintaining my own. I am no pushover, I can be a tough cookie when I need to be. I am always faithful in a relationship, I don't know any other way. I believe a healthy relationship needs physical contact of some kind, daily!

About you...You are reasonably intelligent, spontaneous and fun. You stay positive even thru the hard times. Not broke. Money is not important to me, but you have to be able to support yourself. You have the basics: a job, a car, a place to live. You are very passionate, but not overly emotional. You work out because it makes you feel great. Maybe you go to church, or maybe you wish you did. You know what integrity is and strive for it. You understand that a strong woman is still a little girl at heart. You are looking for a partner and best friend to walk beside you in life's adventures.

I am your overall "fun-loving" girl with a gleaming personality! I have a positive outlook on life, and can appreciate the many things that life has to offer. I have a great sense of humor and live to make others laugh. One of the qualities that people have always loved me for is my warm heart. My friends and family are very important to me and I give my heart to them openly and unconditionally. I am looking for someone who shares the same beliefs. That being said, I am open to most other activities and enjoy life and learning and experiencing new things as often as possible. I believe that this is not a practice run...this is my life and I'm going to enjoy it.

What I'm Looking For

I am a very outgoing person. I can talk to just about anyone. I also know how to be a good listener. . I’m very energetic. Everyone calls me smiley because I’m always happy.I’m a self motivated person. I take work seriously. I love going to work in the morning because I know my co worker look forward to seeing me and vise versa. I am always looking to do something whether it's exercising, walking on the beach, watching a movie, or going out for drinks.My family is very important to me. I consider my mom one of my best friends. I believe my friends are part of my family since they know me better than I know myself sometimes. Family and friends are very important to me and I hope it is for you tooI am looking for someone who can introduce me to new and exciting things. A good sense of humor is key. I want someone who can make me laugh and I laugh a lot. I want someone who is serious about getting into a relationship. I’m sick of dealing with guys who don't know what they want. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I am a friendly , kind person who just wants to make some new friends in this area to do things with. I have no hidden agendas, I just want to live life to the fullest. I like to do activities outdoors when the weather is nice , really if I am having fun with the person, that is what matters. I am not a complainer. I am a hard worker at work and love to live life on my time. I am just looking for someone who just wants to enjoy life. I wont put people into categories to say what my ideal match is...if I knew that I would not be on here. Sometimes life surprises us all.I am willing to take a chance, I hope you are too.

Happy person who loves to live life and lives like Im dying... I want to share the good stuff with someone who wants to step out on the edge with me and explore life. Iam not scared to push things in life along I don't think things just magical happen for any reason life is about choices and I choose my own path, but if you want to join me on a badass journey then your going to have to run, surf, swim, row, fish, bounce, hop, swing, and cut the rug up if your going to play with me lol.. I just like to have fun a big kid who can work and have fun with just about with anyone.

I think we are all much better in person than on paper. I decided to join this service due to the fact that I am so very picky about the men I go out with. I am very passionate about life and I embrace each and everyday with joy. We never know when it will be our last. I'm an early riser. My personal morning time is very important. The morning news, my coffee, yoga and me tim


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