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I am who I am and yes I am for real.
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  Age: 41   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Missouri United States
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About Me

First and for most I tell it like it is. I do not have time for lies, mindgames, manipulations, drama or bs. I am a shoot from the hip type of woman and I am not afraid to call a person out when neccessary. I love to laugh have fun and have a good time. I work in sales, I am finishing my degree and I am a fulltime mother of 3 wonderful kids. Yes I am divorced. Being a mom is the best job in the world. I do not smoke I rarely drink and never but a drink or two. I am straight, I am 5 ft 5, I have brown eyes and long brown hair. I am very casual type of person, jeans and tank top or tshirt kind of gal and I am not a shoes person, but I am a sneaker person. U can never have enough sneakers. I like doing indoor and outdoor activities, I am not into fishing or hunting but I have taken my kiddos on fishing trips as they love to fish. I have only camped once and it rained the whole weekend so I am hesitant to do that again. I am a firm believer that u have to live life to the fullest and try everything at least once if u like it well enough try it out over and over. I love watching all sorts of movies and tv shows when I actually have the time to do so. I love just about all sorts of music, I like going out as much as I enjoy staying in. I only sing in my home so that no one complains about noise disturbances (can't hold a tune to save my life). yes that means I am the one in church just mouthing the words to every song. God prefers it that way. lol I am christian but I don't go putting it in someone's face. I follow politics but not as much as a person really should. I beleive there r issues in our country in our world that needs resolution and every president we have had works on things a little at a time, not making as much progress as they or we would like to see during their terms in office. I believe that being a good parent and being involved with ur children will make them better people in society thus improving society a little at a time. I am not sure what else to say about me. I do not have anything to hide so if u want to know anything ask I will answer most questions.
Just fyi, abusers, drama queens, and a**holes need not respond to my profile ty in advance.

What I'm Looking For

fun caring honest person with similar interests gotta love kids, but not in the sick way, must have job and not live with parents. I prefer caucasian men of aries or gemini sign. but it is not a "criteria". No I am not prejudice. I just know what I like and with whom I am most compatible with. But always interested in friendly conversation. I am not sure what else to put here I just know what I like when I "see" it. and it changes with the person really.

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