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Rocker Looking For Love
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Victoria Texas United States
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About Me

My name is jose "joe" cortinas from victoria tx im a guitar teacher and repairman by day and musician by night. Music is my passion has been since i was 5 and heard my first quiot riot tape ( thats how its spelled) but im actually a very relaxed person i spend my free time either watching movies or reading music magazines. When i hit that i gotta go out somewhere mood going i go to record stores or anywhere that sells albums or cds to find new or classic albums. Or i go bar hoppin since i have connections i dont need an id to drink but i dont get hammered or drunk out of my mind (unless the occaison calls for it). I dont drive due to a terrible car crash i was in driving scares me but i still either ride passenger or take a taxi every where (id rather take a cab because its much more stylish and i get where i need to be quickly) My intrests include obviously music, taveling, collecting guitars, cooking, learning about foriegn countries, and various other things that would take pages to type out
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What I'm Looking For

Someone that isnt intimidated by my cooking and cleaning ( alot of women see that as a threat for some reason) someone that i can be both intimate and a friend with because if you cant tell a dumb joke to your gf thats a HUGE problem. someone that apreciates music as much as i do because anyone that has to settle alot of things just to tolerate their significant other will only lead to a break up or mental breakdown whichever comes first. someone that dosent believe in having a dull moment and wants to live a life that is regret free. you only have one life dont fill it full of regret

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