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Love and care
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  Age: 62   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: uiuw Florida United States
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About Me

Single, looking, willing and able to put the time in to finding what I want. I want a friend that turns into more. I'm an extremely passionate person, about whatever or whoever I love. My line of work requires me to be creative, intelligent and a self-starter, because I work for myself. I don't try to control people and don't want to be controlled, I have a live and let live attitude.
I'm hoping to find a partner for many life parts, including love, passion, exploration, friendship, activities, great discussions, and especially laughter. The particulars will get filled in, there are many people to do things with, but the connection everyone wants, where someone gets you, you get them, you let each other be who they are, respect them, want to be with them physically, that's the ticket. Until I find it, I make the best of everything, every day, and every situation, and am happy doing the journey. I look at things this way: you can design your life, or sit back and let things happen. I do both, and together they work well. Knowing when to switch from one to the other is the key. If you totally get what I just said, please read on.
I'm a light hearted philosophical thinker, I can go deep or joke around, and really prefer to stay clear of arguments. To me variety is what keeps it fresh and I never plan to get stale. I like everything from art to tent camping and so many things in between. If it's new and different, I'm interested in finding out about it.
It's so hard to put it all down, or sum it up. But it comes down to this. When I am doing something I love, maybe sitting at a waterfall and listening to the sounds, sitting on a ski lift and looking over a beautiful snowfall, or anything at all that touches my heart or spirit, that's when I wish I had someone who shares my passion for these things. And if we don't have the exact same things in common, at least we have enough love for one another to participate in each other's moments. I have friends, but there's just that one, tiny little spot, that got me here to see if there's someone who may be a soul mate. Or something close to it.
I am a nice guy with a good heart and I love to enjoy life and try not to complain about things and find the goodness in it all although I am not the most straight edged person you've ever met. I love to laugh and joke as much as possible as well. i will love to have you as my dearly sweet friend, with whom I can connect on more than one level. I have a good job,I love life. I'm not the most adventurous person - you'll often find me sitting at home reading a book or hanging out with my close friends.

What I'm Looking For

I'm a generally happy person, and hate to see others upset. Some have said I'm more of a nurturing personality than most men. I like to go out from time to time, but I'm not as young as I once was, and don't see the need to spend every night out at the bars.I guess that makes me feel pretty responsible and independent

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