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Looking for fun guys to keep me company!
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  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Kansas City Missouri United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

I am married but it is an open relationship so we see other people but I am not looking for anything serious as he will be gone for Basic and AIT in the Army til November and he doesn't want me to be lonely while he is gone.

I am a fun-loving spunky girl. I am almost always upbeat and having a good time. I have a lot of interests and hobbies. I enjoy all types of art and music, reading, dancing, singing, acting, and I absolutely love fashion. I studied Communications - Interpersonal and Public Relations at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, MO.

I enjoy movies that are crime thrillers or scary. I also like some comedies. I am not a huge fan of chick flicks because they do not portray how life really is but sometimes they make a good one but not often.

I love having conversations that last for hours about completely random topics.

I hate the fact that girls have the reputation for causing drama. I am not one for drama. People try and drag me into their drama and I want nothing to do with it. So don't worry, this girl is drama-free :)

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What I'm Looking For

Like I said, I'm married but we have an open relationship so we can see other people because he is going to be gone for Basic and AIT with the Army until November. So rather than me sit home alone, I can go out with other people. For this reason, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANYTHING SERIOUS. If this is an issue for you, DO NOT message me because it isn't going to change. AND THIS DOES NOT MEAN I JUST WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A PIECE OF ASS! I WANT PEOPLE TO HANG OUT WITH AND IF THINGS PROGRESS TO SOMETHING PHYSICAL THEN WE WILL HANDLE THAT WHEN IT COMES TO IT!

I'm only looking for people who LIVE NEAR ME (less than one hour from me), have money (I'm not a gold digger, I have money of my own, but I am tired of being used and paying for everything when I'm dating someone), are charming, can hold an intelligent but fun conversation, have similar interests, don't do ANY drugs, aren't interested in me for that ONE reason only and don't pretend like you don't know what I am talking about (I am a sexual person and I love sex but I don't want to be treated like a hooker), and like to laugh as well as have a sense of humor. If you are a fun, caring guy with a sense of humor and think you can keep up with a spunky redhead then send me a message and we'll see what happens! :)


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