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Lonesome hero
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The Basics
  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: temecula California United States
The Details
  Trendy, Stylish
  None but want some soon
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  Thin, Athletic
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About Me

im jerimiah i am a dedicated person that is always seeking more. im not overbearing im not to headstrong i just know what i want but not always know how to get it. im usually a shy person when it comes to just walking up to the opposite sex and saying hello i guess its because i dont think many people like short guys, i am looking for that one woman that wants to be held is willing to hold is wanting her man but not to the point where it pushes me away ( balance is the key ) in a sense i know their is no perfect person out there as much as i wish to say that their is .. thats false but however the case i do know their is a person out their that is willing to over look my flaws as i do for her and that is when you may reach perfect harmony.

I am a deep thinker i tend to analyze things maybe more than i should. i tend to speak my mind ( even if that means hurting your feelings ) i am a very huggable and cuddle oriented person im not sure what it is but i love it. Now dont take that as a weakness i may be a small little guy but that doesnt mean i cant pack a punch.

What i want in life is to finish my schooling up. I almost have my BS in criminal justice and my career path is leaning towards junior probation officer ( meaning for minors) the reason behind this is i notice much of our youth is getting into alot more trouble with drugs and ect. So to me stopping one act of criminal intent is one step closer to balance of nature

What else is their to say about myself i am ambitious as you may of already collected. Im deep semi-intellectual but knows how to have a good time.

My motto, faith trust and understanding are key in a good relationship. ( notice how i didnt say perfect )

If you have any more question regarding myself or what im all about dont be shy press the send message and who knows we might just hit it off :)

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What I'm Looking For

1.connection (emotional physical )
2.Endearing type
3.Educated well.
4.Around 5 foot 6 or shorter
5.Good with kids
6.Wants love
7.Musically educated
8.Can cook
10 cuddle type ( big on this one)

I have these simple things that would be greatly appreciated if you had not needed if the connection is there these will just help. After all im looking for a love that last a lifetime


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