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"life's short, life's full of pain, and this....
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Asian   Location: Toronto Ontario Canada
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About Me

Ok.. to give a brief synopsis (imagine a movie trailer): The main character is a 25-year old (and in this reviewer's opinion, a rather good looking and stylish stud :p). He recently graduated from university and works diligently but finds something lacking from his otherwise fun life. He has a dominant but sweet type of personality, he understands what women find attractive about a man. He has a passion for meeting new people, and for finding out about them; he wants to meet someone he really likes. And isn't that everyone's ultimate goal? :)

To cut to the chase, I'm here to find an interesting, fun, intelligent, and sweet lady. Too be honest I think I'm a good catch.. I would be careful if we chat, you might end up calling me non-stop.. just kidding. :) I do think we'll have fun though.

What I'm Looking For

I've been in relationships, been privvy to other peoples' relationship secrets, and at the end of the day I can say that I'm just searching for a special girl. I'm not after empty sex, and I'm not a big player - if I could find the love of my life and marry her tommorow, I would. But as with all good things it takes lots of time, effort, and dating experience. So in the meantime, I'm open to dating many people to see what happens. I would like to be in a long-term relationship but will not settle for anyone who doesn't fullfill me, so I'm just looking to meet people and have fun, possibly date. I have no expectations but make no promises. It'll be up to the chemistry to decide.

I'm usually smitten by the smart, playful, fun type - bonus points if you are asian, and bonus if you're educated. Personality is possibly the most important thing and you should be sincere, with good intentions, knows how to carry on a good conversation (but don't worry if you aren't at first - it's more important that you are able, because I can probably draw it out of ya ;). If you're the type of girl that knows herself and is confident in herself, then I'll enjoy talking to you. You should also know how to take care of yourself, know how to be feminine, have your own life (not needy), and have a good handle on your emotions - I understand if you get upset sometimes, but too much is too much.

NB: Please do not reply if you are a self-proclaimed princess, you really mistrust or dislike men, you are obese (nothing against you but sexual attraction is important to me), or you are the super jealous and possessive type. I would like to save both of us the time of saying no to each other.


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