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Nice guy looking for a nice girl =)
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Natomis California United States
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  Short, Medium
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About Me

hows it going?? I'm Josh.

I was born in columbus ohio. not to much exiting stuff happened there. atleast from what i can remember. but i moved to nothern idaho. Bonners ferry to be exact. there i grew up as a country boy. i moved to northern idaho when i was 12. living everyday hunter fishing hiking camping you name it. i fell into the life style of the region very fast. i found it easy to make friends there because that life style was always of interest to me. me and my friends would get out of school race home hop on the quads and be gone till dark. completely getting lost in the woods. finding new places to ride and explore. our summers were filled with takeing the quads out or hopping in the pack of the pickup and tearing off to go to the lake and spend the day fishing. our winters on the other hand were alot more "extreme" we realized we only had a few months to build up as much adrenaline as humanly possible. so we would hope on the snowmobiles and head off into the snow covered wasteland. (if any of you know anything about the norther tip of idaho.... it snows ALOT and i mean ALOT.) with our snowboards and build huge pack country kickers and do crazy back flips into the fresh powder. i made some insane memories there.

just resently i moved to sac town california. i moved in with a buddy of mine that is going to UTI (universal technical institute) he had a room cheap for rent and i wanted out of my parents house. it was a win win for both of us. after coming here i got way into surfing and wakeboarding. i found love in them instantly!

well i dont know what else to really say. thats a basic run down of my past years. there are alot of amazing stories that go along with all that. if you care to get to know me more please feel free to send me a message =) defiantly would love to have some more friends here, or maybe a significant other ;)

What I'm Looking For

A nice girl with good morals. someone that loves to be outside on a nice day and snuggled up on the couch on the bad ones. =)

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