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hey y'all :)
Online: 1873 days ago   Updated: 1873 days ago   Joined: 1873 days ago
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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: greenwood Indiana United States
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About Me

My name is Jaymee. I am 20 years old and I'm kinda new to this online dating thing. I'm not expecting much but honestly I am always down to make new friends and if I happen to find the "man of my dreams" then I am ready for the commitment. I'm shy at first but I will open up once I get comfortable with you. I listen to all kinds of music but mostly country. I live in greenwood, IN. It's ok but my roots aren't so deep I'm not willing to move. I am a very good friend and when they need me I'm there. I think friendship is about like love, people are quick to say it but don't understand what they've commited to. It's about being there even if it's just to be a shoulder to cry on, a pair of ears to listen and once it's all out, the comforting words "it's all gonna be ok" coming from someone they know cares. What I'm looking for in a guy is just that, be my friend, show me you care, and when I need you make the time to tell me it'll all be ok. I have a few tattoos and a few piercing so if body art is unexceptable to you, you probably wont like me. I'll tell you where n what they are if I think you are worth telling. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not a **** at all but if you get on my bad side, I'm not very quick to forgive. I've been hurt, I've been burned and I've felt my heart break. I'm not gonna make you prove yourself to me, you have my trust and my confidence but if you betray it, it's most likely gone for good. I want a guy to love me for me, my good and my bad, my flaws and strengths, my highs and lows. If you've cheated on every girl you've dated, don't bother. If you want sex, guess what I do too but I don't give it up to just anyone. It takes earning it and you can't achieve that on the first date. So if I sound like someone you want to get to know, message me. If you are rude, inappropriate, boring, or anything less than interesting don't expect a reply. Put some thought into it not just "hey what's up?". I know I'm not every guys type so if I'm not yours, I thank you for reading and wish you all the luck. That's me I guess, summed up in a paragraph. I hope you enjoyed it cuz I know I did lol. See ya!
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What I'm Looking For

I'm just on here looking for a nice, honest person. someone who knows what they want and someone that doesn't play games.

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