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Lookin for my anime, syfi, nerdy, gamer girl.
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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Texas United States
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About Me

What can I say? I'm outspoken, I love a good time, and I hate drama. So here's a little about me

I'm looking for an individualistic female who doesn't mind kids, I have 1, she's about to be 3 years old. I love my daughter very much and would drop anything and everything for her. Wouldn't you?

I'm looking to get out of a bad relationship and thought I'd look around, see what I find. I spend a lot of time thinking about what to do next, I hate solitude, it sucks. I have to be around someone or at least speaking with someone. I'd like to meet someone who shares some of the interests I have, but at the same time I would like to meet someone who is uniquely different in the same respects. I am extremely opinionated and the chances of you not liking something I say are very high, but don't let that deter you. I am always understanding of opinionated people and I do not argue, but I do agree to disagree. Above everything else, I care about my daughter more than I will ever care for anyone I meet here or ever again.

I play WoW, fix pc's and spend time with my daughter on my down time, with the occasional trip to the beach or river for some wakeboarding or fishing. To make money I'm the records admin and pc tech for a railcar leasing company based in south texas ( yes, real trains). Other than that, I like relaxing, me and my guitar next to a BBQ and some good tunes. Oh, I listen to just about everything except nortena tejano, god awful stuff that is. So I hope you can stand a country, rap, rock, techno, glitch hop, metal, punk guy.

Well I hope to hear from ya,

L8r G8r's


What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a woman who doesn't spend her time thinking about partying constantly. Clubs are cool and all but dancing and getting smashed every weekend just isn't my thing. She has to be a nerd but in the good way. (meaning ur into pc's, gaming, anime, syfi flicks, and being a wow player is a plus.) She definitely has to be into ALL kinds of music. Rock, rap, hip-hop, rnb, country, classic rock, metal etc... Oh and no obese inquiries, I'm not fat and I'm not looking for someone that is. You can call it shallow if you want but what I want is what I want.


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