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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: North Carolina United States
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To be prfectly honest with you.. it really doesnt matter what I write about myself in this box because it could all be a lie AND 90% of the time all the b.s. you read about someone in the "about me" section of a profile is just that, b.s. So after reading this enlightening paragraph about whomever's interests, hobbies, aspirations, goals in life, preferences, beliefs, blah, blah, blah etc. you have this image in your mind of what that person is like based upon all that b.s. you just read, which was all according to that person of course, so when/if you finally meet that person you find out that they are nothing like what you pictured them to be which can be good or bad, but more then likely bad because if you actually did decide to met that person I would presume it would be because yu thought or at least hoped they would be of somewhat interest to you, and if that be the case then you had your hopes up which is a big no, no because you probably got crushed after realizing you have just been b.s.'d.. So I will spare you all the b.s., get to know me if you want.k thanks
What I'm Looking For

I really dont know what or who im looking for right now. I havent given it much thought. Sometimes i think about things tomuch, so much that i realize i have lost focus on the things that truly matter. I just try to go with the flow of things. Sometimes im spontaneous, sometimes im not. i am a rebel without a cause, a warrior, a free spirit, a damn good friend, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, honest, sweet, and mean when i have to be or just because i want or feel the need to be, my moods change like the weather, i am compassionate and idgaf. i am just a typical ordinary person looking for what all us typical ordinary people are searching for. someone to chill with, talk to, listen to, someone that will miss me when im gone.companionship i guess.

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