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wonderful and beautifull
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  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: California United States
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About Me

This is where im suppose to tell u all this stuff bout me so u can figure out if u like me or not. The name is JASMINE but i liked to be called JASS or JESSY.

Im not a girly~girl or prep or emo or punk, i dont really fall into any category, but my own. Im very easy to get along with because i have an apathetic personality, i really dont care about what people do and say about me.

I dont get mad, jealous, stupid, sassy, sad, crazy, etc. i just go with the flow of life and enjoy every minute of it.
I also do singing cause its my hobby and it always makes me feel comfortable everytime i sing..

So if you want to get along with me. hit me up on ricafort.jasmine att y5hoo datt cumm

What I'm Looking For

I like the kind of person who will share his fellings and emotion with me, especially ones with a good sense of humor and good direction.Or you know if your pretty cool, that works to and my definition of cool is so far out in left field im not sure it's still on the field.
So basically if your not creepy, Ill problably talk to you, and I might even if your only kinda creepy.

Im a adventurous person,and i love adventurous person ,i love to swim and get wet all day !! and I also like to hold hands and walk under the starlit sky I am very much a romantic and I hope that one day I will find that one man that will make life even that much more special, make no mistakes I am very secure in my womanhood I am secure I don't need a man to complete me however I think it would be a beautiful thing to have a wonderful, meaningful relationship.

So if you want get adventured and get wet with me hit me up on ricafort.jasmine att y5hoo datt cumm


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