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Lets see what this is all about.
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  Age: 45   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Milwaukee Wisconsin United States
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About Me

I believe in strong honest communication in a relationship. I’m an expressive, talkative, romantic and passionate person and these are qualities that I believe give me strength. Being an artist has cultivated these traits in me, and I believe they are part of makes me unique. I don’t have any problems saying what’s on my mind when I need to. I’m not the argumentative type, and I believe in getting things out in the open and discussing them before they become a problem. I’m a laid back individual and I’m not about creating stress for myself or anyone around me. I think its very important work as a team, and to help the one I care about in order to make both of our lives more fulfilled. I would like to be involved with someone who would make me as much a priority in there life as they would be in mine, work is important and I feel its important to work hard at something you love, but you must always remember that Love can be given equally between your passions and the one your passionate about. Its very important to put effort into a relationship, and to do what needs to be done to help nurture it and make it grow. I’m very young at heart, and I’m looking for someone youthful as well, someone who is looking to settle down but doesn’t carry themselves in an overly serious manner. I’m basically still a kid at heart, and age is only a number, so its important that you still no how to really have fun in spontaneous ways. I have friends from all age groups, from there early twenties, and some into their forties, but I need more than dinner parties and wine drinking. I still enjoy going to parties, and I also enjoy seeing live bands in the underground Milwaukee music scene whenever possible. I’m an artist after all so I try to be involved in the Milwaukee art and music culture as much as possible. I’m looking for a girl who can adapt to different situations, someone who can stay home with me and veg on the couch as well as head out to the city and enjoy social situations thats are new to them without being uncomfortable, I would also like someone who can really enjoy a challenging bike ride by the lake I ride almost everyday in the summer, and try to keep myself fit and healthy, I cant be with a couch potato, bad habits can rub off. Having a strong friendship with the girl I’m with is very important to me. I have many close friendships, and I can always count on them when they are needed. I would like to find that type of connection with the right girl. The girl for me must have a great sense of humor, Laughter is important, especially since I am can be pretty goofy. I haven't had any luck here yet and I'm beginning to doubt weather this website is a good decision but I remain optimistic and open minded. There are many sides to me, take the time see what you find, people are not one–dimensional beings and you cant get all the information from a website or just one date.
I am not a shallow person and I don't have time for shallow women, but as I mentioned before honesty is important and if your photos are five years old and you don't even look the same, your misrepresenting yourself and not being honest with the person your communicating with, I don't care if you look a little different, just have respect for yourself and tell it like it is, not like it was five years ago, I update my profile with new photos as often as I can. How old are your photos???? One more thing I feel needs to be said. I'm and artist. I draw everyday, as a result I've become a very good Cartoonist, Illustrator, and Photographer. As a result of this dedication my english skills suck, and I'm a terrible speller. I've seen women comment that if the guys profile has spelling, and grammatical errors, they wont even consider talking to them. Seriously, with that attitude they will be on this site for a long long time. Don't be so small minded, just because the someone can't write doesn't make them a dumb ass. I'm an artist not a writer.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone who can appreciate and artist. I would love to meet an artist girl. Someone who does it for the love of art, not just when they go to work or once every couple months, but someone who lives life as and artist whatever their medium. I draw everyday and though I don't expect someone to keep up that pace, Someone with a passion for art and artistic spirit would be a nice bonus.

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