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Looking for a challenge? You found me!
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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Snohomish County Washington United States
The Details
Sexual Orientation:
  Casual, Average
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
  Blonde, Brown
Hair Length:
  Shoulder Length
About Me

I love driving with the windows down even if it means the heater blairing in my car. Even when its pouring rain, chances are my window's down... Maybe its because I've felt guilty for talking on the phone and driving all these past times and driving with the window down and my hand sticking out proves I'm not talking with my cell... I don't know lmao... My bestfriend accused me of doing it because it "makes us look fun and cool" lol but I don't think thats the case. I don't need a window down to prove that!!! I love my bestfriends (they mean everything to me) and so does my family! I'm family oriented and love being with my family, but consider my bestfriends to be family too so yea... lol... My father was and always will be the kind of person I hope to be and strive to be daily. He's been my role-model from day 1. My mom too just not as much. My father passed away not long ago so we're all still hung up on that but its made us all stronger...

Everyone who knows me would tell you that I'm strong, open-minded, fun, caring, trustworthy and always up for trying something new. Well, I don't know about all of that lol but I do know that I'm outgoing and adventurous especially after being familiar with someone and different situations. I know how to adapt to any setting and I can honestly say that I have yet to meet any parent who don't like me.

I'm a football fanatic- the Seahawks are my team and always will be! Not only is it a family thing, but its always been who I've loved watching! Go Seahawks, onto the SuperBowl this year! I mean, just imagine... Seahawks vs. the Saints! Mmmmm... hehe... Anyways...
I'm spiritual bot not religious- at least not yet... Working on my relationship with God but its far from where going to church and reading the bible daily come into my life on a daily basis. I'm a believer in Self-worth, Karma being a Bitch, living life to the fullest, and finding Beauty in all the wrong places. I believe everything happens for a reason no matter what, and that smiling through it all helps us through both the good and bad!

I love the water (I'm a Aquarius.. Its in my blood literally lol), hot weather, getting used to the rain, and loving the wind! I love city life but miss the smell of fresh cut Alfalfa in the morning and sound of Coyotes at night. I love traveling and anything involved with it. I'm a huge fan of music- I'm eclectic in my music sense! I try to go to as many concerts and sporting events as possible even it means the local high school teams- I believe in the power of public schools and wouldn't ever dream of taking my child (I have no children) to a private school or charter for that matter.

I don't do drugs or smoke. If you do, thats fine just nothing heavy please! I have no criminal background- if you do thats fine.. We have some sort of past mine just wasn'nt criminal. So if you do have a criminal background and learned from it and won't do it again, or even the later of the 2, we'll be good :)
I do however, drink! I'm no drunk!!! I drink occasionally with my bestfriends at our local bar where everyone knows us- I sing kareoke there and dance after a few drinks! I love kareoke! :)
I'm heavy set but love who I am. I do eat healthy-ish and have a bit to go til I'm "average" but why ~ Honestly ~ Be average when being happy and yourself is so much better? Regardless the weight will be off soon lol :) Until than, its the BBW section for me.

I have a college background, I'm educated. I do work fulltime. Among my life at work lol, I have a friendly dog whom I adore! When I'm not at work or at home, you can find me with my bestfriend shopping or trying to stay outta "trouble" as the elderly say it lol

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What I'm Looking For

I honestly have no preference! Now that you know about me, you should know if we'd have things in common or at least "click" hopefully!
Age- As long as you're under 50-ish! I'm not looking for a 2nd father or anything. I have a dad, and love him dearly. He passed away recently so by no means am I looking to replace him!
Race- I'm not racist at all! I'm far from it. I've never understood people that are that way either... Ignorance I guess...
Marital Status- Please, oh please be single! I don't want to get involved in breaking up a family or have that come into play! I've you're in midst of a divorce, thats fine or "seperation" as long as I know you're "with" me :)
Kids- If you have kids that's fine! I don't have kids but would like to soon- just not within the next few years by any means :) I have 4 nieces and nephews and they mean alot to me! They're my "kids" for now haha :)


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