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I'm tired of boys.... I want a men...
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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: metro west Florida United States
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About Me

Hey yall I'm Jacqi

I'm a single parent of a beautiful 6 years old little girl she is my world she is my life and I never thought being a mommy would be the best thing in my life, she has my heart and the key to it, but the only thing about being a mommy is that you feel older then you really are but that's okay with me because she makes me stronger then I was before.

Also I am very big on family. I love my family, I would like to see them more then I do now but every chance I get with them its always awesome. But one of the biggest things I love is seeing my momma everyday she is my best friend and some people can say that I am a momma's girl and yes I am and proud one to.lol. But I talk to my mom everyday and I love that we have that type of relationship.

I'm a very positive person, and would like to stay that way, because if you think negative, negative things will happen, and I also like to believe the best in people. I also believe in what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and to always try and see the silver lining but that's sometimes easier said then done. I'm a goof ball or at least my friends say so. I'm kinda shy at first but when I get warmed up there is no getting me to shut up so just be patient. I love being outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, going to the lake, playing in the mud when i get the chance (which has been for like 3 years), line dancing etc.

I'm a real simple kind of girl that can do anything better then what a man can do. I played sport's all my life soccer, football, volley ball, soft ball and i loved it. I love watching football ( GO GATORS!!!) on Saturdays if I don't have to work and I like having friends come over and watch the game.

Cooking I like to try to learn how to cook different stuff and I'm pretty good at ill say. lol.
line dancing is one of my favorite thing to do when I have the time.
being a goof ball oh and also play dolls my daughter can get really created with playing dolls. lol.
Listening to people and giving advise. Im pretty funny and I try to make anyone laugh as much as I can. But I know how to serious when I need to be.

I'm a real simple kind of girl that can do anything that a man can do. And if that scares you then I'm sorry but I'm not the girl for you...

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What I'm Looking For

What I'm looking for is a guy that i and trust and be myself around them... I'm tired of guys just running away just because i have a child, that just shows how mature you really are.... I want someone to have a head on their shoulders I'm also looking for a guy that can be goofy and spontaneous with me and also be very random. someone that is spontaneous a goof someone that can be serious someone that can like me for me and not change me into who they want me to be

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