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Heyy Im Jacie! uhmm.....hi?!
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  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Oklahoma United States
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About Me

Hi, im Jacie. I live in Grove Oklahoma. I recently got out of the United States Air Force so im kinda different, not really but sorta lol I love people and animals and actually my best friend is my dog Charlie, she keeps secrets way better than any human. Im a big time people person and I love socializing, but I also like my alone time. I tend to be very opinionated and speak mymind, but at least im honest right?! =] I dont like to shop, im not materialistic and I absolutely hate cold weather and if it cold out, you can guarantee i will be inside cuddled up under some blankets lol Thats a little bit about me, if you wanna know more just ask!
What I'm Looking For

Iwant a guy who like animals and people, but who is faithful and wont stray. Trust is everything. Also, I want a man, not a pushover, dont be afraid to grow some balls, but dont be a jerk either. Be sweet but dont put your likes and interests in jeopardy, a relationship is based on mutual likes and dislike and should not involve complete and total sacrifice, you wanna go out with your boys go right ahead, but im going to go out with my girls. Im not a jealous person for the simple fact that if im with you I trust you and if I trust you then I trust you wouldnt cheat on me or hurt me on purpse. You break that trust, your gone and i expect the same from you. No one deserves a cheater. I will not cheat on you so please do me the same courtesy. Also, if you are just looking for sex, dont talk to me. Im not a booty call, i respect myself more than that. It doesnt make me prude and it doesnt make me a bitch, i just want more than sex out of life and i want someone who feels the same and likes me for me, not my body. =]

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