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The Basics
  Age: 45   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Texas United States
The Details
  Yes - living with me
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  Very Short
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About Me

You will need to fill this in before you canYes, I have been the parent that steps forward when they've asked, "Who's kids are the ones that took all the screws out of the slide, then tried to tell other kids to hold it up while they slide down???" (No one was hurt) Yes, I wanted to bust out laughing (but didn't), and, yes they did get in trouble for safety reasons... Oh, but then it wasn't over!!! I had to sit their and empty out their jiggling pockets full of screws to give back! No, my kids are not 'bad', they are very sweet and inquisitive... yeah, inquisitive. I do remember the few times it was not my boys and I was so proud!!!

I also drive a minivan with two car seats (Yea, I know, really manly! But it has way more cargo room than most SUV's!!!). My passion is for my almost 4 and 5 yo boys and I work hard too. I love to see my kids laugh and I can laugh at myself faster than anyone else.

I am easy-going, adaptable, flexible, versatile, but not a push-over. I can agree to disagree, listen, talk, I am sincere, romantic, straight-forward and be stern. I can stay back, step forward, and be the "manly-man" when needed.

Though I learned meringue in about 2 hours and started helping the instructor (I was amazed he asked me too, but he was the only Latin male in Denmark at the time!). Then I lost the ability in about 3 weeks on my own. I only really dance and sing in the car because it either makes my boys laugh, cry and kick the back of my seat (depending on their moods)... They then start laughing again and join in or take over. Nothing like 3 dorks in the car next to you flailing their bodies, singing at the top of their little lungs and laughing... Yes, we have received stares at stop lights.

I cannot actually sing (but it would be a great gift)! Not in the car, not in the shower, not even when I lose my voice and sound like Clint Eastwood! Yes, I was told I sounded like Clint during a graduation ceremony... up until my voice cracked and I sounded like I hit puberty. Don't worry, I don't usually try to show off my non-singing talent anyway.

I am mostly looking for interesting people to converse with and befriend. My divorce is not final... It has gone on way too long. And, no, I am not broken.

What I'm Looking For

...are an open book.
...would rather be honest than right.
...find fun in the little things.
...make the boring times the most memorable.
...feel comfortable being silly and can get others involved.
...would rather have a individual or group conversation than be the center of everyone's attention.
...make fun of yourself, even if it is embarrassing.
...are patient and happy with children, and make them the focus when playing with them.
...dream, but work towards reality.
...can have a silly conversation for a long time making each other laugh until out of breath, even in public.
...can have a serious conversation when needed without pointing fingers, but throw in strange tangents. (crazy analogies are great!)
...have read until the end. Thanks!


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