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"The most interesting man in the world... :)
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  Age: 57   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Wisconsin United States
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You will need to fill this in before you can start messaging other membI like casual bicycling on trails and back country roads; packing lunches and stopping to eat and enjoying the scenery. I like traveling around the U. S. and have been to Europe. I have been to some Brewers games over the past few years and would like to do more of that.

I have a great sense of humor ...at least, ...so I think :), as I really do like to make people laugh. I have an off beat sense of humor, for example I like the movie, Napoleon Dynamite. When I initially watched this movie, I almost turned it off in the first fifteen minutes because it seemed too bizarre - but it eventually grew on me. The movie is very polarizing, you either like it ...or you don't really care for it.

(Regarding the pictures of me, not only are they current, but they were actually taken several years into the future, so I'm even better looking now then what is depicted :)

I enjoy various kinds of music some of which are: Tom Petty, Sarah McLachlan, Chris Isaak, Crowded House, Dire Straits, 10, 000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant), Traveling Wilburys, Eagles, Steve Miller, Clocks by Coldplay come to mind.

I like doing home projects, as I am somewhat of an amateur carpenter and plumber (I helped my friend put a new roof on his house last fall - as of last report, no leaks!!! ye! ha!). I like being organized and keeping my house clean, but not to the point of being a neat freak, and if it comes down to letting the routine house cleaning go for a day or two, - to go on a day trip... I'll take the day trip (let the dust bunnies run wild :). I like having a vegetable garden and doing general landscaping around the yard. I have always wanted a home where neighbors and friends feel welcomed and can drop by unannounced, and through the spontaneity of the moment, we could have a card game or grill out. I think some of the best fun in life is unplanned.

Friendships are very important to me. When I tell someone that I am going do something or be somewhere at a certain time, they can count on me. I really try to be on time for appointments, as I value other peoples' time. When I give my word, it is as good as a being done. I am politically conservative, but that doesn't mean I am necessarily in lockstep with most Republicans in office today (as most of them are too much to the left - ha ha - just kidding). I love this country and as a nation I know we are not perfect, but we really do have something special here. I like to learn about history and visiting historical sites (in '08, I visited the Normandy American Cemetery). I am currently working with a friend to start a small business.

What I'm Looking For

You will need to fill this iI am seeking a woman with an out going personality, who likes to be active, but is okay with staying in once and a while. She is passionate about her life and beliefs. She knows the difference between real problems and minor inconveniences. She is tactful, caring and her presence lights up the room when she enters. She has a very subtle and witty sense of humor. I want a woman that I can tell her often that she is beautiful and surprise her with flowers and day trips. I like noticing when she gets stuff and taking an interest in her interests. I want to learn from her, because I definitely do not know everything. If things were to progress and we wind up together, I would want her to know that we are a team and that I will pitch in doing housework. I am a budding chef and I need a victim... I mean someone to taste :) I value a relationship of trust and loyalty, or to put in the male vernacular, "I got your back covered and you got mine". I want to be your number one cheerleader and I will always be there for you (but not in the controlling, clingy, stalking sense...lol). At times, I will want to make you laugh until your sides ache and small tears wince out of the corners of your eyes (and I hope you're not drinking milk at the time...:) I want to be your best friend. n before you can start messaging other members

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