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Nothing i like more than an intelligent discussion
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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: mesa Arizona United States
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I was born in the highlands of Scotland in 14....jk Houston Texas in June of 1984. The 15th to be exact. when i was 2 we moved to Fort Lauder Dale FL. A year or two later it was Boca Rotan then Plant city. Then my mom left my dad and we moved around Georgia and a few other states over the course of the next ten years. Then i was here in mesa, AZ. Btw don't know about this whole internet dating thing and I'm not fully committed to it. I love to play basketball and tinker with computers as well as as research ancient society's and there habits and religious belief's. I myself am not religious but i find the subject fascinating. I love hiking thought i haven't gone in forever i still find it fun and exhilarating. Id love to have a girl that is into basketball and computers like me however i don't know if that's a possibility and its obviously not a necessity. Intelligence, strong since of self worth, Sense of humor is exceedingly important to me as i am very sarcastic and might seem mean if you don't know me.
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Did not not know there was another section dedicated to this specifically i basically explained it in the previous paragraph. Intelligent, funny, has to know what they want out of life and who they are. ya i frankly don't know what the f*** else to say.

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