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A simple guy
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The Basics
  Age: 40   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: bedford Texas United States
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About Me

My name is Brian. I grew up in a small west Texas town. So Im a country boy trying to adapt to the big city. I miss the dirt roads, secluded fishing holes, and traffic free streets. Oh, and stars. But this is where the works at so here I am. I would like to find some place where i can get away from everything and enjoy the outdoors. Not easy to do around here. Im open to suggestions.
I have a 9 year old daughter. I dont get to see her as often as i would like (like everyday). She lives with her mother back home. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. And also the scariest. She is smart and beautiful. And sassy as hell. But i love it. Shes my pride and joy.
I work for an engineer doing materials testing. Mainly soil and paving. Theres alot more than just materials testing, but Ill skip the details. I work way too hard for not enough money. I wont be getting rich anytime soon, thats for sure. But i work with good people and i like my job so its ok.
Music is a very large part of my life. Ive wanted to be a rock star since i was 3. Ive been playing the guitar for 18 years now. still not a rock star. At least outside of my hometown. Heavy metal is my main preference. Yes, the really hard, mean stuff. The Heavier the better. But I have an appreciation for almost all music. My playlist ranges from Slayer to ZZ Top to Hank Williams III all the way to Enya and Classical. One of the few people whos playlist has Celtic Woman between Crowbar and Cannibal Corpse. I just cant get into rap. I dont put down talent of any kind. Just dont feel it like other types of music. I could go on about music for days, but ill save some for conversation. Oh, and just in case it comes up, i dont dance. I wish i could sometimes, but i never learned.
Then there is all the generic stuff. book, movies, food. I enoy them all. And the part where I say im honest, loyal, caring, and easy to get along with. And its all absolutely true. More than anyone would really believe. But everybody says it. I prefer to get a feel for someones character and show my character through interaction. But I am terrible at meeting new people. Im shy. Its a curse.
Im not sure what else to say. This is already too long for saying so little. If you got through it all without losing interest. And would like to know more, just send me a message.

What I'm Looking For

Like i said, Im a simple guy. I dont pay attention formulas or match %. We dont have to share a whole list of hobbies and interests. A few never hurts. It makes a good ice breaker. Financial status is not important to me. There are good people in all classes. I dont have any educational standards. I dont judge based on success or lack of. All really care about is the person underneath it all.
So i cant really give a detailed descrption of my perfect woman. I havent met her yet. And im pretty flexible about most things. All i want is someone who is pretty, genuinely sweet and caring, and a good sense of humor. Uncomplicated and easy to get along with. Someone i can just be myself around and will love me for me instead of what I have or what Ive done. I can talk to about anything or say nothing at all and still be comfortable. affectionate. Theres nothing like the soft touch of a womans hand running through your hair on on your cheek or anywhere really. Cuddling and holding hands are a must. I like physical contact. Just someoone who likes to love and be loved. No drama. No games.
Now, i should probably leave this part out. But im including it anyway. Im not in anyway looking for a quick hookup or trying to be perverted at all. I am 100% looking for real love. And the woman Im looking for will be ok with this part. Sexually compatability is very important to me. I will do everything I am physically able to do make sure my woman is satified. I am very unselfish and nothing turns me on more than a womans pleasure. And I want someone who would do the same for me. A desire and willingness to experiment. Openly discuss fantasies and fetishes. Maybe act on some if we are both comfortable with it. One thing that is an absolute must is lots and lots of oral. I have a huge oral fetish. And i love giving just as much as receiving. Really, i do. I could literally spend hours and hours of nothing but oral. Unfortunatly its hard to find a woman who feels the same way.
That may have been a little too much info. But the truth is it matters. Thats just part of who I am. And i would rather be open and honest about everything up front. When i meet someone there wont be any surprises.
Well, if youre pretty and sweet and affectionate and you understand what im looking for and you werent turned by that last section then send me a message. If you think im a pervert or just dont like my essays, message me anyway. Youll probably be surprised.


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