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  Age: 53   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: California United States
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You will need to fill this in before you can start messaging other memWhich way to go, how to start? I'm at the crossroads of life. I have fallen in love, I have fallen out of love. I however have made a conscious decision to pick up the pieces and take the right path. I have a dream, a dream to grow old with somebody. With a wonderful somebody in a loving and caring place. A place where nothing else matters but my love, my woman, her love and me. I would love to smile every morning when I open my eyes and see your face waking up next to me. I would love to laugh with you at every little things that makes you and I happy even when the whole world have no idea what tickled our fancy. I would love to sink my face deep in your embrace, feel the warmth of your breath and whisper sweet nothing in your ears. I would love to create a life with you, a life full of hope, hope that at the end nothing else would matter but you, me and our family. I would love to love you like you have never been loved before, to love you everyday like there's no tomorrow. I wish that the next time I reach the next crossroads of life, be it age 80 or 90, there is a stable, firm and comforting hand that will show me the way and say that life was always meant for you and me.

Are you still reading? Did that sappiness bore you to death? But seriously, who wouldn't want that? It's something for me to hope for and iF you're looking for something like that, Please use Only the Capital letters of the following adjectives and nouns to find me because i am not a paid member here: ( Anticipating, Under, Rose, Emotion,Light, Ice, Orange, .Dot , Water, Affection, Loving, Time, Orange, Nice) at (Youthful, Affection, House, Orange, Orange ) .dote (Cute, Oriented, Moment). If you are reading this then you have found a super sweet guy, yup you did.

I am laid back, easy to talk to and i always get my way (he he, just kidding). I am family oriented and thinks mom's cooking is the best but Sadly she's gone to rest in peace:( . I consider myself immensely artistic with a wry intoxicating wit. I am Italian, Half American and Half Italian My father is originally from the states till he was transfered to Italy due to the nature of his job, there he found love and got married.. I'm a single Dad of a lovely Daugther who is 8years old. I love doing the right thing for myself and the people important to me. That's not to say that I don't know how to have fun. I believe my friends would consider me to be fun. I love entertaining at Home. Making breakfast on Saturday is one of my favorite things. I love ethnic food too, and find it bonding to share culinary adventures. If laughter is the best medicine, then call on me for a doctors appointment. I really enjoy making people around me laugh and smile. Presently I'm In Malaysia for my art and craft exhibition, I will be back to the states in less than 3weeks time.

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone to complement me. Chemistry is a must!! Not just physical, but conversation wise and interests. I am romantic at heart and affectionate. I'm also creative in the kitchen! I want to meet some that is adventurous, very outgoing, up for going out and having fun, but also can just spend quiet nights at home with a good flick, some music or maybe just candles and home made dinner. Communications is HUGE for me and a must have in my partner. I am looking for something serious and no head game please. I believe in Monogamy so if you are currently in any relationship, sorry i am not the right guy for you. I am up front and expect you to be. I am honest and faithful and expect my soul mate to be as well. I am at the point that my career is going great and I am looking to find the right person and settle down, but not settle just to settle(Does that make any sense LOL). So be your self and I'll be me and we can see what happens from there. Thanks for looking.

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