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I'm single guys<33
Online: 2266 days ago   Updated: 2267 days ago   Joined: 2267 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Long Beach California United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Voluptuous, Athletic, Thin
About Me

Hey guys, name is Angelina. I am 20 years young. First off, I am here for a COMMITED RELATIONSHIP
I am a very compassionate and loving girl with an amazing personality. I am very comfortable with my sexuality, and enjoy being sexual. However, that does not mean I will just put out with anyone. The guy has to be respectful and needs to refrain from being degrading to me and to women in general. I like when the guy is honest and genuine. I am the kinda girl who likes to have fun, but if the "fun" only lasts for one night- (to me that is a smash and dash) and I don't go for that. I want the guy to be open and free to hang with me whenever, not just use me as a one night stand. I believe that being sexual is natural and it is desired, but I want the guy to be mature enough to be with me (whether it's friends with benefits, or being in a relationship).
If you can't be real, then kick rocks cause I need a REAL man!
I hate drama and want to hang out with someone who is laid back and drama free, with a great personality.

Here is a hint on guys that I desire:
*Good looking WHITE guys (NO BLACK GUYS THANK YOU)
*Guys with muscles who are toned and work out
*DOES NOT DO DRUGS (and alcohol does not count)
*A guy who is VERY RESPECTFUL to women and me
*DOES NOT HIT WOMEN (I don't put up with that shit) Immaturity is not wanted here!! Please and thank you
*EXPERIENCED in you know what

If you feel like you meet my criteria then hit me up :]]
I hope you liked my profile and stay sexy bitches! <33

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What I'm Looking For

WHITE GUYS (no black guy thanks)
Experienced in (well you can fill in the blanks)
Genuine and honest with me from the beginning
Tall guys from 5'11-6'2
Athletic guys who are toned with muscles and work out
A guy from age 24-30 (NO OLD MEN)
Great personality
Has a BRAIN and very intillectual
Can hold a conversation


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