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I'm here to prove Romance isn't dead ;)
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  Age: 47   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Belfast United Kingdom
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About Me

I asked my friends how they would describe me for this in five words and they said funny, smart, romantic, intellectual and caring. Now I know they are my friends but I mustn't be doing too badly! And I have been told that I have to put on that I have a good sense of humour! a bit dry but I can laugh at anything and love making other people laugh.

I love languages especially Irish and Italian. I have a great affinity with Italy , the culture, the art, the food and the wine. No surprises then that I enjoy cooking and I like a nice glass of wine once in a while. I read alot especialy about history and politics and would like some one who I can have really good conversations not onnly on those subjects but on anything. I do talk quite a bit but I am also a good listener. Communication is very important for me both in my work life and my home life. If there are problems I believe the only way to sort them out is to share them and talk them through. I enjoy rugby both watching and playing and the only sport I realy can't grasp is soccer. I must be the only guy who doesn't understand the off side rule.

I like the outdoors and hiking in country parks. I love movies and it doesn't matter whether they are this year's best or old black and whites. I like going to the theatre and to the opera when I get the chance. I do a bit of charity work when I can find the time as I think that is immensly important to give back. I like to keep fit and active through going to the gym as well as outdoors activities.

As far as music is concerned I can listen to anything except country for some reason. I like classical when I am working, dance when I am working out, and a little bit of everything for relaxing from jazz to seventies rock and funk to even Irish traditional (can't forget my roots now can I!)

As far as my goals and aspirations. I am very driven in work and want to be the bext I can in my job. I want to be the best father I can to my son. I used to make 5 year plans but I have learnt that things don't always work out the way that you want them to. Therefore I am rethinking my plans for the next few years and my priorities and to tell you the truth it is both scary and exciting to be looking at a whole new future at 34.

There are alot of things that make me unique. Its up to you to find out what they are!

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone who is smart and funny and a little bit of class goes a long long way in my book. so if that is you then get in touch

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