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I'm interested only in a long-term relationship!
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The Basics
  Age: 40   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New York United States
The Details
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

I am here for ONLY one thing: long-term commitment, NOT pointless chit-chat, no casual/conventional dating: no "open" relationships. "I can't believe in the things that don't believe in me." I would really love to have someone LOYAL and IN PERSON to spend my life with. (No smokers!!!) I expect to meet someone who's into gaming, like me! I am naturally a bit shy at first and somewhat quiet normally, but I'd warm up to you and I'm basically a carnal person, so I do not want anyone who is heavy/fat because you will never keep up with me.

Please note that I am a little bit chubby compared to models, although I workout and I enjoy walking. Feel free to find your dream woman elsewhere if the model type is what you want.

I have been through serious abuse and neglect during much of my life. Because of that, most people can't ever relate to me and I don't relate to them, so I am generally not a people-person. I am also an artist, so my perspective can be a bit oddball at times. I'm basically a loner, although I can open up with the sort of guy who can carry conversations with me, meaning... no quiet guys please but also keep in mind again that loyalty is key and so is mutual attraction. I can be a caring person once we're close, but it takes me a bit of time to open up. I may also be a bit possessive, but in my own quiet/shy sort of way.

I mostly love intense music, gaming, surfing the internet, occasional movies, walking/hiking, and occasional reading. I wouldn't mind sharing interests together, perhaps also eating out from time to time, going to a museum, going to a concert, going to a bar, playing billiards, or something along those lines. I very much want to be with someone who is an avid gamer, like myself and I consider this fairly important to me. I'm not into sports and I'd rather not hook up with someone who's into sports or sunbathing. I'm not the most feminine type of female considering my rocker/goth/punk clothing, though I'll dress in 'elegant goth' on rare, worthwhile occasions.

I don't cheat: Attraction IS a MUST, so please have up-to-date pictures (plural). Without multiple pictures, you're telling me that you are at least one of the following: unattractive, not commitment-minded, or a lesbian. I don't care if you're smiling or not. I just hope that we'll get along. A lot of people comment about me not smiling in my pictures. I find it almost impossible to smile when I'm alone in my apartment, fyi. I've been single for too long.

Please note that I am currently only working part-time and juggling college part-time. Due to this, my income is low and I do not intend to go on extravagant trips with you! Also due to this, there will be times when I am quite busy. I hope we can work around each others' schedules while I try to piece my life back together...

I don't believe in long distance relationships, so please notice that I live in Brooklyn, New York. Don't waste your gas on me if you know the distance is a pain for anything long-term.

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What I'm Looking For

(age range 24 - 43 ideally; someone younger than me is preferred but not necessary)

First date ideas: Coffee/Dinner and conversation, then maybe a walk. Otherwise a trip to a museum with conversation and then dinner afterwards. The second date would be totally different and a LOT more interesting if we get along during our first date.

I'm searching for someone who can carry a conversation with me. I'm searching for loyalty. I'm searching for someone I am very attracted to and who is attracted to me just about as strongly. I'm hoping for another gamer and I'm hoping we can be great friends in time!


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