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I'm done being single!
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The Basics
  Age: 35   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: New Hampshire United States
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  Yes - not living with me, Yes - living with me
  Smokes only when drinking
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About Me

Let's see. First I guess I should tell you my name. I'm Amy. I live in southern NH. I'm a 28 year old single Mom, who's done being single! I stand 5'5" with out shoes on, and 5'8" - 5'9" with heels on. I weigh like 132 lbs. I have short curly brown hair, that I normally straighten. I wear glasses, no I don't wear contacts either. I have 6 tats, and my ears and tongue are pierced. My nails and toes are usually done. And I enjoy smelling good :) I am usually "on the go" and hardly ever home. I don't like "to be alone" or "dead silence". When I'm nervous I talk. I have been told I'm funny. And I have been told I'm mean. Some say they Love me. And some will tell you they Hate me. But one thing they can all agree on is, I am the Best ;) I have a great sense of humor and way to Big of a Heart <3

I am way to picky. And I always end up settling for less. I will always put you ( and the kids) before myself. Yet I like to be spoiled. I believe there are 3 types of people out there when it comes to relationship and showing affection. You have people who are materialistic - The kind who want "a ring" for their anniversary. You have the people who are sentimental - The kind who would want you to bake a cake for their birthday. And than you have the people who are sexual - The kind who want a blow job for Christmas. I am sentimental for the most part ;)

I love children. I love animals. I like "loud"... Noise keeps my mind "preoccupied" . I prefer horror movies. And dance music.

If you want to know more, ask :D

What I'm Looking For

You have a job. You don't live at your Mom's house. You're ready for something more serious than a few weeks.
A car is a plus. I don't smoke butts, don't care if you do - but i do smoke green daily - so if you do too thats awesome.
You have to love kids. And you have to be taller than me.
Tats and piercings are a bonus :)


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