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Looking for a Best Friend and A Lover
Online: 2199 days ago   Updated: 2199 days ago   Joined: 2199 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 64   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Temple Pennsylvania United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Occaisional smoker
  Yes - not living with me
Hair Length:
Sexual Orientation:
About Me

I am a very honest guy who plays no games and has no time for them. I have a great sense of humor, am a good communicator. I want a best friend to do things with. dinner , drinks, travel, intimacy, life is to short. Want to know something about me, don't be afraid to ask, I"ll tell you

Although the above is 100% accurate about me i need to ad a few things because it will help the interview date lol.

been divorced since 98, i'm not on the rebound and don't want anyone who is

I have 2 kids, a 19 yo boy who lives with me and a 21 yo girl who is an RN

I am not into fat. Just attracted to thin or average women

My humor knows no bounds, the only reason i don't do stand up comedy is i dont want to hurt their families of Jeff Foxwothy and Larry the Cable guy, They need to eat too

I want an adventurous spontanious woman, who looks at something and says lets go for it

I'm a guy who hates grey area and games, you will never get any from me, don't give me any or i turn into a ghost

I am not possessive or jealous, to me those are the highest forms of insecurity in ones self

I have no temper, and prefer to negeotiate rather than argue. if someone insists on an arguement, there will not be a second one?

Sex: YES, AND OFTEN , I'm a normal guy, what can I say

Fun spontanious and ready to enjoy life, if there was anything i said that was not clear, message me, I will not be vague in my response

And one last thing , if you can't get over what that last guy did to you, please don't contact me. I am an easy going guy , who loves life, likes to have fun, doesn't have any past baggage and always see's the glass as half full.

A final note. It seems like every woman on here is looking for that long lost love that they never found in their previous 50 years of live. Hate to break it to ya girls, its not going to happen. I just want a woman to enjoy life with and have fun with. A best friend and a lover, its that simple. If love develops, that will take some time, so until then I just want to laugh and enjoy, Life is to short

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What I'm Looking For

Im looking for a best friend and a lover to enjoy life with. I want here to be warm, have a great sense of humor, and not bring any drama to the relationship. I am attracted to thinner women, who like to enjoy life

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