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The exitement is in you, let me bring it out.
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: glenview Illinois United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

I'm a life giving botanist for 8 years and counting. I love working on my own scedual. I spend all my energy pleasing the Goddess. I like fishing and rave partys. I meditate and practice lucid dreaming. I'm always working on improving eficency in everything i do. I'm a minimalist so i travel light. I've lived in colorado and in california. I've spent the last 12 years looking for the right person and wasted alot of time becoming me. I'm one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to be with. I'm not materialistic, I work for the happyness of otheres. Karma payes me back graciously. Some call me a witch but i'm just a spiritual being with spiritual poweres. As the hunt gos on for a mate so to does thehunt for a coven. I am a natural leader, I make sure the clock is oiled and working for all members of my orginization. With out good leadership goals and dreams arnt accomplished in a timly and eficcient manner. I like to be neat and orginised. As a devorcee i was used to bringing home the baccon and playing house wife for 7 years. I would never ask a woman to do something for me rather what could i do for you. Im not looking for sex though its a fun perk. Im getting older and im sick of games and cheateres. I might as well say you better not have any objections to pot cuz i grew medical marijuana in california for the past 3 years and ive seen alot of people helped from my medicin. I would call myself an activist of sorts. I have 2 brotheres and 3 sisters all younger by atleast 7 years and i played the saxophone for 14 years till i swiched to djing and then to kitchen chemistry to reptile breeding to gardening and there i found my passion. I can fix anythig, and i can handle large amounts of stress. I will always put a roof over your head and give you what you want. I am always second to the goddess. You probubly dont belive me but im always honest even painfuly honest sometimes(gets me into trouble alot). I never cheat or play games. I'm interested in you! Tell me all about your self. I've already lost so much time wating for you. don't make me wate any more. : )
What I'm Looking For

What am i looking for? I'm looking for a cute girl to cuddle with. I need to get better sleep and a warm body to hold at night whould do just right. I need someone relaxed and social. I want someone fun and exiting. A stony girl that likes to chill. Someone who wants to be free of stress and isn't afraid of a little danger. I thought i was looking for a gemini or a vergo. those relationships lasted longer but thats not to say im wrong.I spend alot of time with my spouce as i dont like her to work often and i have alot of free time (perks of being self employed) so we have to be able not to get on each others nerves. Living together is a hard thing for any one and that is potentually were this is going. For 13 years ive said i never wand children and now it saddens me that i didnt. I am imparchial but that may change with time. On another note, ive been told its big so if your not you might be in pain and its not fun for ither of us. And no back door for me. Hopfully i wasnt too brutally honest, you should have read what i deleated. Im very friendly and aprochable. here to chat if you are. : )

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