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  Age: 51   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Fort myers Florida United States
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About Me

my name is David,am a lovable and romantic man with lots of romantic ideas to share.i am here for a serious relationship that may lead to marriage.am a kind, caring, honest, trusting soft hearted man that is looking for a long-lasting relationship. long lasting relationship is an intimate relationship which requires a lot of commitment and self-investment. Besides, true friendship is a life-long relationship. There is a saying " friends are forever", and it takes a lot of energy, time, resource and commitment to build such a lasting relationship.there are some criteria which we may lead to successful long lasting relationship , here are some of them, being committed to each other, taking time and being patient with each other, reciprocation ,not taking your friends for granted,self disclosure ,the ability to be open with each other, appreciative ,showing appreciation , being grateful with each other, realizing that friendship is not disagreement although there is ups and downs in every relationship but the ability to settle that before going to bed , accepting one the way he is or she is, the ability to be honest and trust each other cause that is the root of every successful relationship, being there for each other in every aspect , i am not saying you must have all this qualities cause no one is a perfectionist..lol. life is all about learning and relationship is all about understanding ,lets get together and know where this can lead us...

What I'm Looking For

Trying to fine a partner who will be natural, sincere, serious, independent, experienced, confident...who knows herself well and who has explored what has and hasn't worked in previous relationships. Someone who is confident, and isn't afraid to say "no" and isn't afraid to say "yes". Someone who is comfortable in the depth of intimacy, and who can be her own person at the same time. Someone of great character who isn't easily swayed by popular opinion. Someone strong, yet gentle; confident, yet compassionate. Someone who will have my back (and I her) when the going gets tough. Someone who knows that the going will get tough at times. Someone who is family-oriented, reliable, trustworthy. Someone who believes that "LOVE" is a verb and who takes pleasure in nurturing the relationship. Someone sensual. Someone who knows that how you play together is less important than what you feel together. well that all I can say for now and i hope we really get to like each other.

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