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Only if you like to laugh.......
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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Hollywood California United States
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  Smokes only when drinking
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About Me

I'm a very honest, warm, sarcastic, passionate, spontaneous,and funny person. I'm somewhat of a walking contradiction, I’m a total girly girl, but also a tom boy. Love to fish, camp, hike, race go-carts, but also like to shop, get pedicures, and get all dolled up!

I also curse like a sailor and sometimes I drink like a fish!

I love to laugh, comedy is my defense mechanism, so when I’m in an uncomfortable situation, I make a joke. I'm also a big nerd...that goes with the whole sense of humor thing...I make corny, stupid, or silly jokes, but if it gets a good laugh, then it was worth it! Right?

I'm very goal oriented. I know what I want or I see what I want, and I get it...there is no trying. :-)

I love to travel and hope to do it more often in the future! I would love to see the world, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, New Zealand, Tokyo, Fiji,....pretty much anywhere!

I also loooovvvve food! I will try anything once...unless it is still moving! I was describing this dish I cooked one time to my coworkers and my boss told me it sounded like I was talking dirty to her! lol, so take that however you like!


If i think you are cute and/or interesting, I will write you back...if I don't...then I won't...don't be offended, I’m sure you are a very nice guy, you just aren't my type :-) Oh, and if your description about you is a novel (like mine accidentally turn into)...I’m probably not going to read the whole thing, unless it's entertaining!

If you have made it this far on my profile...props to you, maybe you'll get a cookie! :-)

P.S. I hate know-it-alls, loud eaters, guys that wear Ed Hardy, and flakes!!

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What I'm Looking For

I appreciate someone with a sense of humor and who is honest. I'm looking for someone who is like minded that can make me laugh. I loooovvveeee spontaneity, life is just one big adventure waiting to happen! I'm not big into rushing into things, so I'm just looking for someone that is cool. If it goes somewhere, awesome! If not, oh well, I always like meeting new friends!


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