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Fair Game One and All
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The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: Missouri United States
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  A few extra pounds, Stocky
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About Me

Hi Im Hannah. Im fun loving and love to have a blast. I love to be creative and show my artsy side. However Im a very determined and driven person. I wont let things hold me back. I have a goal to be the best at whatever I set my mind to. Im a motivator and I like for things to be done and accomplished. I can be brutally honest, Im a smart aleck, I wont lie to you, and Im not about to say anyone is the "ONE". Good heavens can we talk first.


OH heres another thing dont be a jerk to me if you dont want to talk thats fine but dont put serious effort in being a douche. Remember you look just as desperate as the next person and beggars never can be choosers. For those Guys who are really sweethearts I commend you and I hope you find someone who doesnt break your heart as for the others Im not playing games so you can take your crap and find someone else to harass. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

What I'm Looking For

Lets see I love it when some one is intellegent. I hate flakes. Im not thin but thick. I love vegetables they're my favorite. I try to stay active. Im allergic to sugar. lol. No joke too much of it and Im sick for about 2 weeks. I eventually want to go to Italy, have bottles of sand from every ocean, and learn italian. I have alot of others but thats a few. I want someone whose open to doing these things. Also if you're not a smartaleck we might have a problem cause I like that in a guy it shows that he can have a fun.I do want to say though that I absolutely HATE HATE HATE games. If your gunna play then go back to running in that scene and leave me alone. In the reality of it all though Im not really sure what I want but I do know that I want to have fun finding it.

Finally I do go to church and I believe in God this is a vital part if my life.:) Just some nifty facts.:banger:

One last thing is that my Faith is very important to me. I know at the end of the day it just comes down to me and God and thats when I answer for my life. I would like to find someone who believes the same and will always keep their faith.

I like retards.
If you take the time to be a big kid you'll be my best friend;)
Make me laugh> Make me smile> Dance like a fool.
You can act like a crack head but dont be a real crack head lol.


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