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I am looking for a serious relationship
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  Age: 51   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Quebec Canada
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About Me

My name is Charles Johnson. I am an adventurous, easy going, and secure man who likes to keep a good balance in his life. I am laid back, down to earth and enjoy the simpler things in life.

I enjoy intelligent conversations, good sense of humor, creativity, relaxed environments, sensuality and surrounding myself with kind, cultured, passionate and caring people.

I feel attracted to happy, organized, loving, educated, natural looking women (I still find natural attributes to be the most attractive...); who look and act their age; with simple and normal lives; with dreams and goals; with clear moral values they exercise; and who live their lives with purpose. Attraction (or chemistry, however you want to call it) just happens, and it's part of a natural process; it's not a choice and can't be imposed.

I love painting as a hubby and i have a full time job as an Architect. i keep music as my life long passion; and still find plenty of time to enjoy activities ranging from arts to sports, from watching TV to traveling; but definitely who I share them with, and the QUALITY of the time and the experience is what I value most.

I believe friendship is the ultimate relationship, and it's not a "just add water" (or alcohol) kind of process; it requires spending time together, sharing different experiences and keeping constant, open and honest communication; and I definitely agree with the expression: "love is friendship set on fire".

This process doesn't have to be so complicated, it should be simple, exciting and enjoyable; but in order for it to work requires that you know who you are, what you want, and being serious, honest and real with yourself and with all of us. I seek a partner, friend, teacher, who is affectionate, passionate, honest, has a moral compass, socially conscious, who is edgy, youthful, and fashionable. I would like to become part of her life and to be exposed to her experiences and adventures to add to my life. I would like to meet a woman that has done their soul searching, figured themselves out and know what they want from a friendship/romance which could ultimately lead to a lasting relationship.

I believe in having fun and not sweating the small stuff. I understand our lives tells our stories and actions speak louder than words. After all- it's what we do that makes us what we are. Common goals, chemistry/attraction (can only be determined in person not from words and pictures), mutual respect, romance, laughter, and communication are a must/important! You must be your own person, have your own opinions, and let me know what interests you. I promise I will do the same.

In order to fully LIVE your life, you need to be willing to take risk. You might fall flat on your face or get your heart broke- but then again you might not. Either way, you won't be stuck with a "what if?".

Lastly, distance has never been an issue. As long as it's understood one will eventually have to move. If their is chemistry their is no reason either cannot travel. So many give up a great opportunity because of a road separating them. If I wanted to stick to strictly local people I would not be on this site.

What I'm Looking For

Why am I here? Well, my current activities don't give me as many opportunities to socialize at a personal level, so I came to consider this as a valid option to get to know people with similar interests and goals (same as you probably did...), in our own terms, and without invading each others time and space.
So, what do you think, shall we...?


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